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    Hello! Many thanks for everyone who helped us out by playing 1.2 on the unstable branch and provided feedback or bug reports. Starbound 1.2 – Vault Update is here! Check out the trailer above to get the gist of what’s been added in 1.2, or check the patch notes below for a more in-depth list. Or both, even! Follow your heart! Either way, please enjoy the last big Starbound update of the year. :)

    In case you missed it, we also recently launched a shop page on the Chucklefish blog! You can see all Starbound merch in the same place, and there are links to partner sites where you can buy them.

    Onward to patch notes!

    Major Changes
    • Ancient Vaults
      • Players who have completed the main storyline can visit a mysterious trader on the Outpost who will send them on a quest to activate and enter the Ancient Gateways found floating in some systems
      • These gateways provide access to Ancient Vaults: challenging procedural dungeons left by the ancients, filled with dangerous guardians (including procedural bosses!) and fantastic lost technologies
    • Terraforming
      • Using powerful devices acquired from the Ancient Vaults along with a new Essence currency, you can now transform regions or whole planets into entirely different biomes
      • Terraformers can be used to expand a region across a planet’s surface, replacing natural blocks, objects and plant life, and eventually changing the type of the planet itself
      • Microformers are consumable single-use terraformers which provide even more region types to add to your worlds
    • Weapon Upgrades
      • Use the ancient anvil available at the end of Ancient Vaults and spend Essence to upgrade your outdated legendary weapons, opening up many new options for endgame combat styles
    • Elemental Damage
      • Monsters now have resistance and weakness to elemental damage types, making your choice of weapons more important than ever
    • Holiday Spirit!
      • Celebrate the holidays with the variety of festive items bought from Space Santa at the Outpost!
    Minor Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Holding the activation key while in a distortion sphere tech will force deactivation, to avoid being permanently stuck in small spaces
    • Contain tooltips within the game window when they’re near the edge
    • Fix a bug with monster kill sounds not playing correctly
    • Several bug fixes to monster/NPC behaviors and pathfinding
    • Various typo and asset fixes
    • Add appropriate “bushes” to the Foundry biome
    • Update SDL2 to 2.0.5, should fix some fullscreen issues
    • Fix some security vulnerabilities in server packet handling
    • Fixed an issue where crew would duplicate
    • Fix a player inventory networking issue
    Performance Improvements
    • Improve generation time of older, image-based dungeons
    • Other minor improvements to dungeon and world generation
    • Use larger texture atlases on graphics cards that support them
    • Various optimizations to monster/NPC scripts
    • Improve loading speed for dungeon worlds
    Modding API Changes
    • Behavior Tree system moved to engine for performance reasons, now accessible with the root.behavior lua binding. (Check lua documentation)
      • Cleanup node removed
      • Decorator node lua implementation changed
      • Action node arguments moved around, now (args, output, nodeId, dt).
    • Generic currency support.
      • Additional currencies can be added and consumed without requiring configuration
      • To associate a currency with a currency item, to be used in crafting, it needs to be configured in /currencies.config
      • .coinitem files changed to .currency
    • Object changes for terraforming support
      • Objects can have a new boolean key, "biomePlaced" which if true will cause them to be placed and removed by terraforming.
      • Objects can have a new boolean key, "rooting" which if true will mark all of their anchor spaces as roots and prevent those tiles from being broken until the object is broken (identical to how trees and vines work).
    • Player inventory can now be configured in player.config, allowing changes to:
      • Number of bags
      • Inventory size of each bag
      • Number of action bars
      • Action bar size
      • NOTE: modifications to player inventory size need to be applied both server side and client side, and will invalidate existing characters unless manually versioned
    • Damage sources, requests, and notifications
      • Introduced new hit types; WeakHit, StrongHit and Killed.
      • Removed killed boolean from damage notifications, replaced with Killed hit type.
      • Damage effects (sounds, particles) can be configured for each hit type (Hit, WeakHit, StrongHit, ShieldHit, Killed) in damage type configurations (.damage files).
      • Added support for elemental types to damage types. Elemental types can be configured in /damage/elementaltypes.config and can be set for each damage type using the “elementalType” key, which defaults to the “default” elemental type. Each elemental type has a unique set of damage number particles for each hit type.
    • Monsters
      • Added support for client side rendering scripts
      • Allow overriding randomly selected monster parts by setting “selectedParts” in parameters
      • Add support for direct palette swaps with the “colorSwap” parameter
      • Allow overriding “shortdescription“ in parameters
      • Allow overriding “dropPools” in parameters
      • Allow setting animation parameters directly in monster parameters with the “animationCustom” parameter. This is merged into the animator configuration.
    • Lua API changes:
      • ActiveItemAnimation
        • Removed activeItemAnimation.animationParameter (replaced with animationConfig.animationParameter)
      • Animator
        • Added animator.partProperty
      • Item
        • Replaced with item.matches
      • Monster
        • Added monster.setDamageParts
        • Added monster.setAnimationParameter
      • Npc
        • Added npc.loungingIn
      • ObjectAnimator
        • Removed objectAnimator.animationParameter (replaced with animationConfig.animationParameter)
      • Player
        • Added player.currency
        • Added player.addCurrency
        • Added player.consumeCurrency
        • Modified player.hasItem to allow exact parameter matching
        • Modified player.hasCountOfItem to allow exact parameter matching
        • Modified player.consumeItem to allow exact parameter matching
        • Added
        • Added player.uniqueId
      • Root
        • Added root.behavior
      • Added animationConfig table for use in client side rendering scripts
      • ScriptPane
        • Added pane.playSound
      • Widget
        • Added widget.setSliderValue
        • Added widget.getSliderRange
        • Added widget.setSliderEnabled
        • Added widget.setItemSlotItem
      • World
        • Modify world.spawnItem to allow optionally setting a velocity and an intangibleTime
        • Added world.size
        • Added world.inSurfaceLayer
        • Added world.terrestrial
        • Changed world.entityMoney to world.entityCurrency
        • Added world.universeFlagSet
        • Modified world.entityHasCountOfItem to allow exact parameter matching
        • Added world.lineTileCollisionPoint
        • Added world.addBiomeRegion
        • Added world.expandBiomeRegion
        • Added world.pregenerateAddBiome
        • Added world.pregenerateExpandBiome
        • Added world.setLayerEnvironmentBiome
        • Added world.setPlanetType
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  2. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The End of Time

    Glad they gave us the tools necessary to fix some of the issues with the hot bar. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out I suppose.
  3. gameboytj

    gameboytj Pangalactic Porcupine

    Clean as in no mods?
    Maybe you can try validating the game's cache?
  4. Kane_HUN

    Kane_HUN Aquatic Astronaut

    Awesome! I am glad it's finally here!
  5. renbear

    renbear Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "Removal of pet food bowl and ship pet hunger" needs to be added to the changenotes.
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  6. Pohany

    Pohany Weight of the Sky

    And now my Gallian National Arsenal Mod broken ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻
    But thanks anyway, continue to delight us with new update(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
  7. Charlatan

    Charlatan Spaceman Spiff

    Nvm my (deleted) post. I overlooked that one mod was still subscribed after all.
  8. Ellev

    Ellev Void-Bound Voyager

    This looks amazing! The only thing I'm dreading is that as you enhance your weapons by doing these new endgame-dungeons, the endgame-dungeons will become rather easy. What I would love to see is that the new dungeons difficulty in some way scales to your so as you get stronger, these dungeons gets harder (like more boss mechanics, more boss and enemy hp/damage and such). I'm really looking forward to trying this out!
  9. Tamorr

    Tamorr Oxygen Tank

    Yay! I know what I am playing today. Can't wait to check out the terraformers when I complete the story quests. Thank you for the update. :nuruhappy:
  10. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Existential Complex

  11. @ndy

    @ndy Industrial Terraformer

    great, devs now you screwed my 6day event on that other game
  12. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Existential Complex

  13. DraikNova

    DraikNova Cosmic Narwhal

    Going to have to wait a few days until all my mods have been updated, then I'll go and check this update out for myself as a christmas present.
  14. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Existential Complex

    isn't just the giant mods need to be updated like FU?
    if not then why am i playing starbound with no problems? (well expect 14 fps but welp)
  15. Ainzoal

    Ainzoal Pangalactic Porcupine

    As in that's what you want or that's what's been done?
  16. renbear

    renbear Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    That's what's been done. They removed pet hunger and the pet food bowl from the game in 1.2, but there hasn't been anything in the changenotes yet.
  17. DraikNova

    DraikNova Cosmic Narwhal

    Well, I want to make sure that I don't suffer save corruption all of a sudden upon loading into an old world. That, and I might as well wait until I have some more free time and larger inventory mods and the like have been added. When those have been made, I plan to have one of each weapon type, plus an additional staff with the healing special on it, in my first hotbar.
  18. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    And here I was, thinking this game was slowing down!

    It makes me so happy to see that Starbound is still growing after release, especially in the end-game. I'm looking forward to hopping back in with a couple friends.
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  19. Legogod

    Legogod Big Damn Hero

    Has the bug where crops and farm animals stop growing on leaving and returning to a planet in the same universe been fixed yet? Getting tired of leaving the game idling in the background for hours on end just to get a minuscule amount of produce.
  20. ItsTheKais

    ItsTheKais Starship Captain

    Voltips have the wrong sound effects now. My raccoonbot is making puny fleshling noises. Not cool!

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