Poem Star-bright Christmas

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  1. Shooting Star

    Shooting Star Existential Complex

    Christmas is special
    for everyone it is

    Humans eat turkey
    Avians do not
    Instead they eat Tiy...
    the one everyone loves

    Florans are plants
    They sure know how to throw a party!

    For one night they actually regret
    All their fighting

    Robots are new
    But they don't care
    Christmas is special
    and everyone can join us to

    These scientists are grumpy
    except one day
    even they can't resist
    Christmas magical aura

    Hylotl are mysterious
    we don't know much about them
    But I'm sure they also celebrate this remarkable event

    Our traditions may differ
    but our intentions do not
    on Christmas eve
    we sing and care about others

    Et voila
    My entry hope you liked it
    (the avians eating Tiy is a reference to the screenshot were Tiy lays on the ceremonial table of the avians)
    Probably I won't win a prize but I hope this poem was a good start to the greater things that may come

    Good luck everyone
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  2. Sham

    Sham Spoony Bard

    I certainly hope so! There is never such a thing as too many poems.

    Good stuff; best of luck to you!

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