[Stage 1] Guns, how to find them on your own.

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    The Gun Finding Guide
    for Stage 1 Beta

    Greeting travellers. By no doubt you are here to uncover the secrets to obtaining your first gun, or better yet: to maximize your gun's armor penetration perhaps? Well then lets start the guide!


    Question #1: What level can guns be?
    A: They can be anywhere from level 1 to 45 currently in Stage 1 Beta

    Question #2: Am I currently able to find uncommon or better guns? All I've seen so far are common white ones.
    A: There's currently four ways to find guns. Three of those ways include uncommon or better grade guns. I will be putting the method below.

    Question #3: Do only Avian pirates exist?
    A: Yes. Even if other species pirate exist, it doesn't change much right now.

    Question #4: Are there weapons that cannot be found from the pirate's merchant?
    A: Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Weapons, Uncommon or higher grade weapons.

    Question #5: Do Plasma weapons have an uncommon tier?
    A: They do not exist at the moment. Common and Rare only.

    Question #6: Wait a moment, guns of up to AP 45?
    A: Any weapons at the moment can go up to level 45.


    How to find guns *on your own*!

    Guns can be found many ways just by playing the game at the current state. The sure fire way to obtain one is to purchase it off a Pirate Ship. The quartermaster at the upper deck in the front quarter sells only common guns, and they do not include grenade launcher, rocket launcher, or plasma type weapons. These pirates can be found on all threat levels (The lowest I've seen pirates appearing is threat level 5, so I may be wrong).

    The second way to find guns, which can range from the ones sold by pirate merchants to the ones I mentioned that they did not sold is to find them from the generic wooden treasure chests (The theme specific ones tends to contain blueprint or theme specific items). Many will argue that they find this is false, because they cannot find one in chests. This is actually false and you can find guns in these chests. How? You actually have to open up chests from planets with a threat level of 21 and onward.

    The third way to find guns is from the world's minibosses that randomly spawn. They'll drop all types of guns available, but the drop only exist if the they are atleast level 11. Make sure to kill them when you see them! They are big, so it's hard to miss.

    The fourth way to find guns is a real gamble. This method will drop all types of guns available, and I only recommend doing this carefully. You must kill off the pirates that spawns on those pirate ship. You can however spare the Quartermaster. The Captain does drop a Pirate Spawner, but the pirate out of those have no drop whatsoever. The pirates must be a minimum of level 11 to drop these guns.


    AP 45 Guns!?

    Alright! So you want that level 45 gun, what do you got to do? The pirate ship only sells their product at the current threat level of the planet. Since it's currently capped at threat level 40, this throws it out of the window. Chests are no good either, as you will only get as far as AP 41. The pirate killing method will only spawn guns of up to AP 44. If you want to find this penetration level, you must resort to the only other methods I've mentioned.

    Doing that method alone however is a stroke of luck. how do you actually consistently have the best chance of obtaining such a thing? This alone however will not maximize it. You must kill the miniboss, during night time. The mechanic of night time is that they are able to spawn monsters up to 4 more levels than the threat level. You can verify whether or not it is night time based on the monster spawning being different on the surface than the day time. I recommend travelling the surface in a direction non-stop when it's night time.

    1. Enter a Threat Level 40 Planet.
    2. Make sure it's night time.
    3. Make sure the miniboss spawned DURING the night.
    4. The miniboss has to be level 44 during the night.

    Only then killing it at this point will result in an AP 43-45 gun. Many of the loots in this game has a variable of -1 to +1 on item level, and this miniboss has it. Other than that, try again another time!


    Thank you for reading this guide! This is Kaillera, trying to cross even dimensions to uncover this universe laws, physics, and logics. See you all later!

    P.S My maximum is 46, but I will never tell!
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