WIP Squaresoft-themed Stardew Valley Retextures

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    With the clean-cut 2D sprites that work really nicely together, I feel a bit of nostalgia when I'm playing Stardew Valley. I'm reminded of game graphics pre-3D era, when they were just about at their pinnacle- and abandoned with the advent of FF7.

    So even though I love the graphics in Stardew Valley, I thought that I wouldn't mind making a tribute to the old games. So I'll keep working on these and improving them as I can, I'm not really an artist but I can pull things apart and put them back together differently. I plan to do most of the things in Stardew Valley over time, especially since these will probably clash with the vanilla textures.

    Please note these are all works in progress at this point, and not finished products. Once a certain amount are done I might attempt a seasonal set. Once I'm happy with where a texture is at I'll try to release it in Content Patcher form on this post.

    First House:


    Second House:




    Slime Hutch:

    Slime Hutch.png Slime Hutch pass2.png

    Sewer: (Already released already as an xnb mod)


    • make the alternate tiles for the sewer actually different
    • find a suitable replacement for the sewer pots
    • redo parts of the house to make the sprite conform more to the vanilla house shape
    • make silo less plain
    • add features to slime hutch
    • every other texture not done
    If you have any feedback, please let me know! Ideas, suggestions, criticism etc.
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    • kittentamer

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      Oh, this looks really cool! I'm interested in how this comes out. The only 'criticism' I have with the images here, is I'd prefer that wood bundle be on it's side. I've never seen someone store wood like that, and I grew up in an area where a lot of people (myself included) had wood stoves. Other than that, this would be amazing!
      • SuperElement

        SuperElement Void-Bound Voyager

        Hah I originally had it on its side but the sprite I was using wasn't very good at all. I do agree though, I'll definitely try to get it back on its side. Thank you for letting me know.
        • Venoshock

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          sign me up looks really good.

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