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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by KRANOT, Aug 3, 2016.


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    i wanted to do some sprites but have no idea how to do it from a technical standpoint...
    what fileformat is required?
    what measurments (measured in pixelsperinch) do i need?

    i really need to find those out. annyone here who already did some spriting?

    i was trying to sprite grenades for a mod that adds throwable grenades that can be craftet at the replicator (since apparently chucklefish doesn't want us to have throwable wepons that are better than a damn throwable bone)
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    .png in any scale of multiple 8? I don't understand what you're trying to ask.
    I'd recommend around 16x16 pixels and something like this, though you may want to find a size that works best for your mod.
    You don't need to fill in the whole 16x16 but it's recommended you keep the image size to that.
    [​IMG] Something on this scale might look small but it's the size of a bomb from the base game.
    You can just do another image file without the pin if you're planning on changing sprites.

    KRANOT Big Damn Hero

    thanks! i just made some sprites that i can scale down if needed. the mod actually includes more than just grenades. it is called "Protectors Arsenal". it is a lorefriendly weaponspack.
    pics: (i claim all rights to these sprites since i made them)
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    Good luck with your mod!

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