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Pixel Sprites from a Rookie - Tokusatsu Universe Project

Discussion in 'Art' started by AbsoluteBoom, Feb 24, 2022.

  1. AbsoluteBoom

    AbsoluteBoom Intergalactic Tourist

    Hello everyone!! I'm new to the forums and I wanted to showcase my stuff in here.
    I'm a very noobie spriter with less than a year of experience, I started doing sprites for a Terraria Texture Pack, then moved to Vanilla Terraria and now I'm experimenting with the Starbound art style.

    For those who don't know, I recently started a project to bring my sprites into life for a mod called "Toku Universe" that's planned to be available for Terraria.
    While I work on that project, I decided to experiment with Starbound art style wich is what I will show you today.
    The Toku Universe idea is to make a Vanity Mod that allows the player to cosplay as their favourite Toei Tokusatsu hero. Why Toei only? Well I reduced the scope to just Toei to start with, if the mod becomes reality and becomes popular, we could include other companies work like Toho or Tsurubaya. The idea is to let the player play as their favourite heroes, form dream teams with their friends or even see wich hero is stronger in PvP. Most of the mod is Vanity, no Armour, Weapons, Enemies, Etc are in the mod. Except for a Town Npc wich sells you the things needed to start crafting and some random stuff.

    Like I said, I recently started experimenting with Starbound style. Would I like to see the mod brought to life in Starbound? Actually yes, but I'm not sure how modding for this game works, or even if the idea can be implemented.

    I plan to do all Heroes and Villians from their respective shows, I'm currently using the Wikias to help me out. Some series that you can expect from me to be done are: Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Power Rangers, Kikaider, Zubat, Inazuman, Byclosser, among others.

    But enough talk, here's are the sprites, keep in mind that I'm a very noob spriter, so the sprites are probably full of errors.Also Gorenger and Battle Fever have Rangers designed by me, inspired from Deceased/Retired Rangers from the Show.













    That should be all for today, I welcome all forms of feedback that you guys might want to give me. I will continue doing these sprites and publish them in here every few weeks, I'm kinda slow at spriting, but that's because I'm just starting.
    If you want to mess with these sprites a bit, just tell me and I will upload the 1x1 version.
    Anyways, thanks for reading my post!!!!
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