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    Fortunately, we don't have to start a revolution, because I've made a tool to help you with that

    Introducing the Recolor Maker! The only tool (that we know of) that can help you with your recoloring problems in starbound and other forms of pixel art.


    • It supports 5 scales of color : RGB, Hex, CMYK, HSL and HSV(a.k.a. HSB.
    • You can import your JSON color options directly into the program, simply copy the line of code representing your Color option int he import menu and BAM!!!!!! simply Press apply and look at this magic!
    • You can export your work as a color option for starbound by exporting in JSON.
    • You can export your work as an image.
    • zooms equivalent to starbound zooms : 2x, 3x, 4x. making it easy to know what it may like like in game.
    • Want to change the scale you are working with? Don't worry the program will convert all the values into the desired scale.
    • You don't want to rely on external 3rd party software to know the color of a certain pixel, just click on the image and look at the color information in the 5 available scales appears.
    • View options, because if you have a lower resolution screen (under 1080x1920), you would be crying in a corner
    • Use the color analyser tool to list all the colors in your original image.


    Possible future features
    • an armor viewer, just select all the body parts, and we will show you all the frames you could ever dream of, that are anatomically correct (though)
    • extend the armor viewer to animate the armor

    basic interface

    color picker



    keep in mind this is a java executable, sometime a .jar will be set to be opened by a compressing program such as WinZip, PeaZip, 7zip or WinRar. make sure that you are opening it as a java executable Maker.jar


    • first release


    • color picker added
    • color analyzer added
    • small performance improvements



    Q: how do i install this thing?
    A: you don't the program is all contained into a single executable.

    Q: why did you create that?
    A: because i was too lazy to do /reload and wait every times to make in game test.

    Q: language?
    A: English and Java

    Q: how much time did you spent on this.
    A: I've lost/spent 5 days of my life making this thing (about 10 to 14 hours a day).

    Q: Why would i use that?
    A: Because you may want to? i don't know it's probably the only tool that does what this tool does.

    Q: why does it ask me to open a file when i launch the program?
    A: You need to let the program know which file to use before he can start recoloring it.

    Q: Does it overwrites my original file?
    A: Nope! Unless you save as an image and overwrite it manually.

    Q: Sometimes, replacing the collors using the HSV, HSL or CMYK scale as my original color does not work.
    A: due to some conversions error and something called a near miss error, we cant guarentie the relyability of the HSL, HSV and CMYK scales when used as original colors.

    Any other question? I will be waiting for your questions in the discussion board.

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
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  2. C0bra5

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    the thing is now released!
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    Hey @C0bra5 , just a friendly reminder, don't forget about the executable rule for the mod repo.
    Just flag your own mod when you're done migrating to this thread and a moderator will sort it out for you.

  4. C0bra5

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    Yeah, basically. Just click edit and copy everything and edit your first post here. (Which I see you've done already)
    You can pick where you want to display the attachments if you want them in a specific position. I think there's a button or link at the bottom when you're editing the post to include it in your post and you can just move the bbcode.

    [Edit] It applies to everything in the mod repo, no exceptions.
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    i will keep the mod page up and contact a mod and will fellow what ever is needed to do. i just feel like this applies more to something like a mod installer.[DOUBLEPOST=1436459873][/DOUBLEPOST]welp message is sent i'm waiting for further information. and will apply what eve the mods want me to do.
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  7. lazarus78

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    Does it have a color select tool? I notice you have a "Find and replace" thing going, and I duno about you, but I cant tell the hex values of colors just by looking at them, save for black, red, green, blue, and white...
  8. C0bra5

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    most likely, click on one of the 2 image, the first one is the original version and the second one is the modified version, the one who is getting the modification. if you click anywhere on one of these, the message over the small find/replace panels will actualize giving you all the information for each scales. look at the 1st screen shot, I've clicked somewhere on one of the image, where it wasn't transparent and i got all the color info.
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    Did you remember to attach the images to the post instead of using the urls from your old mod page?
  10. C0bra5

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    i thought i fixed that, welp this is gonna wait, because i'm rolling out my first patch. should be fixed soon
  11. C0bra5

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    the images are now fixed and i patched some conversion problems, and added some other preview functionalities.
  12. Mackinz

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    I normally just use Paint.NET to replace the colors of the PNG without saving it. Someone may find this useful, but, unless it becomes an improved ArmorView, I can't say I can think of one. Good luck, though.
  13. C0bra5

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    since he used a game engine called love 2d i might not be able to get the same level of animation, but i'm planning to add an "on body" view. and some more efficient ways to pick colors, such as a color picker a bit like this
    and also some sort of preview for armors, i'm just gonna have to find a way to produce animated stuff. meh, it wouldn't be that complicated, I've done weirder
  14. C0bra5

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    welp, i got that walking
    test animation.gif
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  15. C0bra5

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    new color picker interface

    look on the right side of small panels the buttons are waiting for you! these will allow you to acces the color picker shown up there.
    note: if original fields have values while clicking on the picker of the replace fields, the starting color in the picker will be the color represented by the value of the original fields. if there is no value it will open in black by default.

    else if (originlFfields.hasValidValues())

    a new helping tool, it's called the color analyzer it will check for all the colors in your original image and list them.[DOUBLEPOST=1436755816][/DOUBLEPOST]welp, i've updated the build to version 1.1 have fun!
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  16. C0bra5

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    Sequence 01_1.gif
    well that works now!
  17. C0bra5

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    just an update i found out that the export to json functionality didn't work so i fixed it, have fun!

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