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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gewitsch, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Gewitsch

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    Hello SDV fans^^,

    Short suggestion for the sprinkler. We all know how hard the first day of a new season can be. The same comes after you placed several sprinklers on the ground. The fields are not watered and watering everything by hand even with a iridium watering can be ... tedious. My idea is to activate the sprinkler function by using the watering can on it. So we save a lot of time there and it shouldn't require much change to the sprinklers.
    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    • mateusfccp

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      I disagree. You can choose if you want or not to manually water your crops. Afterall, it's a farmlife game. If you want to have your crops watered by them in the first day you can easily prepare your soil the day before the season change (day 28), as seeding a watered soil doesn't dry it.
      • Gewitsch

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        Did you ever play Stardewvalley?
        When the season changes all soiled fields are given a random chance of disappering and/or blocked by stones, wood etc.
        The only chance of staying with the soiled field over to the next season is to have plants that do not grow in the next season and then cut it with the sickle.
        The only downside to this method is the change from winter to spring.

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