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    Something I really would like to see in the game is our spouses still following their dreams.
    I understand that the story is they grow to love the farm life (at least it was for Alex), but it's such a sad thing to see them hanging around the farm all day (even if they do leave on Monday's).
    At least in some small portion, I want them to become ultra dynamic again.

    My idea is that maybe once a year, for a week's time, they leave on the bus to pursue a career outside the farm.
    For instance, Alex could leave for a week in Fall and play professional football or something. Maybe you could even watch a "game" on TV.
    Maru could go to a scientific convention and present her research. (Could watch on TV)
    Sam could go touring. (Could watch on TV)
    Maybe Penny leaves to take some teaching classes.

    In return for the loss of the extra hand at the farm, how about they come back with a little change in their pocket you know?

    This is probably a lot to add to the game, but I really think it would spruce up the married life.
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