WIP SPOOPYVALLEY: Silent Hill dogs, headless chickens and town fog and more to come!

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    If I get contributions to this page, I will add credits to those who want to conglomerate their stuff here :3

    Mounts thread
    Mounts (Wolf, crystal horse, Fox and others) Current WIPS: Tiger mount.
    Pets thread: Russian Blue, fireball, jack-o-lantern- Current WIP's Metroid, Double head (Silent Hill) and Schrodinger's cat.
    Livestock thread: Skeletal Pig and fun Easter colors
    Monster replacers thread:
    Butterflies, Jet pack bunnies and Dragons; Oh my!- For those who didn't like the insects.
    Miscellaneous thread - New modern grocery chest and WIP wood replacements.​

    Hey all! So I was inspired by Ghostly Fox
    to make a sort of silent hill/scary stardew valley!
    I thought I'd redo everything top to bottom as far as animals go including monsters, pets and livestock as well as the wild animals that run by.

    The other silent hill dogs I was planning to incorporate as monsters in the mines and skull cave.

    And fog that takes over the town when it rains.

    I do not know how to edit the sound files, but when I learn, I will take out the rain sounds and replace a lot of the monster sounds.

    Also, if anyone has any replacement ideas for creatures/monsters/pets let me know! Only so many eerie things I can think of, LOL

    For now, all I have is a few things done and some WIPS, but I figured I would put this thread up so if anyone wants to contribute to the Spoopy ideas with stuff they made or stuff you'd like to be made, this would be a good place for it to find it all in one area!

    Here are WIPS of what I have so far (-the skeletal pig, which I will be moving here when I have more actually released. If you want that one now, you can find it in my livestock thread.)

    Schrodinger's cat (Cat replacement)

    Black schrodingers cat.png

    Skeletal Pig - Done on this thread - Livestock thread

    Skeletal pig.png

    Mummy Enemy replacer
    Bubble Head Nurse (Silent HIll)
    Nurse WIP.png

    Double head, Zombie and headless chicken,

    Double head (Dog replacement)
    Double head.png

    Headless chicken (White chicken replacement)
    Headless chicken.png

    Zombie Chicken (Void chieken replacement)

    Zombie chicken.png

    WIPS to come next will be a skinned cow, foggy day in town, cooked chicken, ghost sheep for livestock
    Skeletal spooky horse
    Silent hill dogs Sniffer, Feral and Groaner to go somewhere in the mines and caves.

    And anything else people think of!
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    • zcsnightmare

      zcsnightmare Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Damn, I'm really liking the way you did the skeletal dog.
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      • Ghostly Fox

        Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

        Holy hell fire, you actually started making it (and credited me with inspiration, which is very kind of you.)

        As for ideas, what about making snow or debris days into ash? And cows are probably about the size that they could be reskinned into abstract daddies. Lying figures as Skeleton replacements?
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        • swpau

          swpau Ketchup Robot

          woo..love them ...keep going to create more and more ..^__^
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          • SarahKik

            SarahKik Pangalactic Porcupine

            Ooh these are really neat! :D

            Some ideas:
            A Resident Evil/zombie dog
            Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas
            Jack Skellington (maybe to replace one of the statues, or even a Jack doll to replace the Futan Bears)
            The Four Horses of the Apocalypse (using the ones from Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare as an example; War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death)
            Replacing the statues/furniture/etc with gargoyles?

            I'll keep thinking of more ideas too xD
            My current file has a bunch of Studio Ghibli themed retextures but I think my next file is going to use these spooky ones!!
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            • Vixxi

              Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

              :D That's a great idea! I've been trying to make rainy days into fog, but I think the way the rain picture acts is hard coded, so it was just a bunch of foggy looking squares falling :zzz:
              However, changing the snow into an ash color and recoloring the "snow" to more of a soft gray is a great idea!

              Now if only I could figure out a way to change he music, because that Siren while it's fogging up or ash is falling would be perfect.

              I should have enough room for abstract daddy, I'm just worried about the pixels conveying what it is, since it's muddy looking even in Silent Hill itself.
              • Vixxi

                Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                Keep em commin! I may not get around to every idea, but the more options the better!
                • Vixxi

                  Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                  It's actually a pig :D But a skeletal dog is a good idea too! I know someone requested a while back for a skelevalley with everything skeletal so that might be on the way in time, because oh my goodness, so many things to make xD
                  • swpau

                    swpau Ketchup Robot

                    i have opened a thread for Bath house mods and edit paintings and drew some horror nad scary paintings..can take a look...love horrible things..and relative creation ..

                    my thread:
                    • swpau

                      swpau Ketchup Robot

                      maybe i can try to create some more horror paintings to match ur creation..
                      • Vixxi

                        Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                        Cool! I will add and credit you in the list when you feel you have however many paintings you'd like to contribute :)
                        • Vixxi

                          Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                          Since I am a sporadic worker, I work on many things at once so random new wips that are not done will be added to give people ideas of what's to come. I was trying to think of a replacement for some enemies, and I thought the Bubble Head Nurse would work pretty well as a mummy replacement! It was hard to get what I did work on to not just look like a mess of pixels. Let me know what you guys think when you have time!
                          • Ghostly Fox

                            Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                            I think the bubble head nurse looks good. My only possible issues are that the back of the skirt in the second image is out in a weird angle that makes it look like she's got a triangle butt, and that the knife blends in with her skirt. Maybe make it rusty with a black hilt so it stands out more?
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                            • Vixxi

                              Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                              Thank you for the feedback! I realized when I tried it out that the two frames are not smooth, so I'll be making two more in-between to make the walking animation.
                              yeah, that butt is really hard to get right LOL. I'll see what I can do :)
                              I'm actually going to change the knife into a crow bar or a lead pipe since the nurses carried those more often and it'll be more distinguishable.
                              Otherwise, when I looked at it again, the uh, knife looks a little inappropriate. Had a good chuckle about that though xD
                              • Vixxi

                                Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                                Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating much. I have a completely benign, but very annoying medical complication called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (Basically, little calcium crystals in your ears responsible for balance have somehow gotten out of place and send a signal that the room is moving when it is not when I turn my head certain directions and it leaves a residual mild confusion and dizziness) and I'm waiting for my appointment to get it fixed at the docs. So apologies if the mods are taking a while. Hard to work on much when you can barely concentrate, LOL.

                                Thank you for your patience and suggestions once again!
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                                • swpau

                                  swpau Ketchup Robot

                                  how about drawing the Triangle Head man? (Silent Hill Series and movies)
                                  It can replace the enemy who can not be killled
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