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*Spoilers* Guide for Tier 1-4

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Danner16, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Danner16

    Danner16 Big Damn Hero

    I would like to start by saying I have played 34 of the first 48 hours of beta. With that said I present you a guide of my finding on how to advance up all the tiers.

    Tier 1
    Follow the basic quest you get and take the time to explore your first planet and get familiar with the game. I say get up to at least an iron pick, full iron armor, at least 1000 pixels and a good amount of fuel.

    I want to explain something I have figured out here. Armor basically means level. So 15 armor means level 15 creatures will do there base damage to you. Armor penetration is basically the same thing, if you have a level 10 weapon you will do the weapons damage to level 10 creatures. There are damage bonuses when you fight lower levels and penalties when you fight higher levels. Weapon speed works on a scale like this the lower it is the slower you will swing/shoot. Now you know what to look for in weapons/armor.

    Head to x:59877410 y:-70634402 Alpha Umbraxion 1207 ii threat level 10, once there head to the left and you will find a anchor. Fallow it to the top and make sure your weapons are away before you jump in or they will attack. Loot all the chest and crates. You will usually get a good melee weapon from one of the chest. Head to the top deck and on the left side under the stairs is a gun merchant. I suggest buying 2, 1 handed guns. The best ones IMO are the one that has about 2-3 fire rate, 7-9 damage and 7-9 energy.

    Now with your new weapons you can easily kill anything you come across. Get silver armor and mine up what you need to make the distress beacon as well as a ton of iron and coal. I would also recommend getting a silver and then a gold pickax when you can. After all that is done place the distress beacon on the first planet and it will summon your first boss. The fight should be easy with guns. Craft the metal work shop and craft the ship upgrade that will appear. Use it by picking it up and clicking outside your inventory. Now you are tier 2.

    Tier 2

    Head to x:-95254252 y:71131658 Beta Deneb Algedi 7079 ii threat level 20. Once again head left to an anchor and loot the ship for weapons and buy another set of guns. I suggest going the lower level planets and mining up gold, iron and coal to make the new armor that appears. You can find diamond and platinum on the higher tier 2 planets just mine as deep as you can it might take you a wile to get everything you need.

    When you have your armor build a brain extractor and god to a low level planet and grind out brains till you get a superior one. Then get all the materials to craft the robot. After you beat the robot you can move on to tier 3 by making a upgraded workbench and then crafting the next ship upgrade.

    Tier 3

    Pirates are to the left at x:2 y:-2 Gama Shadar Majoris i threat level 30. Repeat the same as before make your armor then get the ingredients for the damsel. Fight the boss and move on to Tier 4. Titanium is pretty common on the high level 30 planets.

    Tier 4

    Pirates are to the left at x:-61119226 y:30458673 Gamma Eta Car 7138 i d threat level 40. Make your armor and have fun exploring.

    I hope you enjoy my guide and I will answer any questions you have the best I can below, and before you ask no I don't know where mine specifically for certain ores. Just keep looking and mining the highest planets you can and you will eventually get some.

    Pirate ship info was taken from the coordinates thread. This was made on Dec 6 and is subject to change as the beta get updated so all info might not be up to date in a few days.
  2. Sowaka

    Sowaka Phantasmal Quasar

    This is brilliant if the coordinates all work, I suppose I'll find out when I get home in a few hours. Thanks a ton for making this! How on earth did you find all the airships?
  3. TheFinny

    TheFinny Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Thanks for the guide. Nice to finally get some other guns than this grenade launcher that I keep using to blow myself up. x_x Yet, I find something fishy in this airship discovery. ;)
  4. Skippy3

    Skippy3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Could someone verify that the coordinates contain the dungeons and towns?
  5. Danner16

    Danner16 Big Damn Hero

    Your welcome and I tell you right at the end where I got my info.
    Your welcome and the air ships do help out a lot. Glad The coordinates thread was made it has help me out a ton.
    I have been to all of them and they were taken form the coordinates thread.
  6. Skippy3

    Skippy3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Structures may be randomly placed.
  7. Danner16

    Danner16 Big Damn Hero

    Not from my experience. Every set of coordinates I have been to I have found exactly what was mentioned was suppose to be in that location. I have been to over 10 different sets from that thread.
  8. uhkam

    uhkam Master Chief

    not really a guide IMO. just simply "Go to this planet, buy guns, wreck things" :/
  9. Stuart Baron

    Stuart Baron Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This doesn't fix the problem with the spawn rate of platinum.

    What do you suggest as a work around for this please?
  10. Danner16

    Danner16 Big Damn Hero

    Just run level 13-16 worlds and look for surface chests they usually have some and you can get diamonds this way as well. Still takes along time though. I think this will be fixed in the next few days anyways so I wouldn't worry to much.
  11. HappyDonut

    HappyDonut Industrial Terraformer

    Is there something special I need to do to get the decoy princess to show up in the robot crafting table? There's no such item, or anything titanium related. My highest level armor is the racial bird armor at 15 defense, as well. Is this a bug (and does it have a work-around?), or am I just dumb?
  12. Danner16

    Danner16 Big Damn Hero

    You have to make the robotic crafting table.
  13. Dinn

    Dinn Intergalactic Tourist

    Holy crud. I've played quite a bit on starbounds beta (15 hours since yesterday's release), yet I JUST figured out that I could put coal in the ship and go elsewhere. I thought I couldn't leave the planet until I beat that darned ufo...don't I feel a bit awkward. Still, the UFO has disappeared. I take it I just have to craft the beacon again?
  14. Bandus

    Bandus Big Damn Hero

    Don't feel bad. Many people did not realize you could go to other planets before defeating the UFO. I believe they are altering quest text (if they haven't already) to make this more clear.

    Yes, you will need to craft another distress beacon to get the UFO to appear again.
  15. Dinn

    Dinn Intergalactic Tourist

  16. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    How exactly do you follow the anchor up? I can't seem to climb it.
  17. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    Nevermind, hahahaha. figured that out.
  18. Bakyn

    Bakyn Master Chief

    How do I climb the anchor up? I've been trying to figure it out for like 20 minutes, but I haven't found out how... :unsure:
  19. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    just build a stack of blocks up underneath you/ :)
  20. Bakyn

    Bakyn Master Chief

    I had thought of that, but I just didn't think it was that easy...:facepalm: Thanks, though!
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