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    So, I finished the game in the first day I played it (9.5hr playtime) and the ending I chose left me with a lot of questions. I'll put them in a spoiler below. If the answers I'm looking for might come from the other endings, which I've yet to experience, please just say so.

    I chose the ending after defeating the emperor (I'm blanking on his name, its been a few days since) that comes from leaving and not taking the throne. In the scenes that followed, Lunais returned to her tribe to bid them farewell before returning to the past to be with Nel and the others. The fact that her tribe recognized her confused me. I was under the impression that upon going through the TimeSpinner removed the Time Messenger from the timeline, as if they never existed to begin with. So, I'm assuming that when the Emperor attacked and destroyed the Spinner with Lunais in it, it DIDN'T remove Lunais from the timeline but just transported her to the other planet or something? Would this have become clearer if I had gone through one of the other endings first, like obtaining the calibration gears and using the rebuilt Timespinner to jump back and continue the Messenger cycle or actually taking the throne? Either that, or I missed something plotwise. It was a bit hard for me to follow after a bit. It all kinda merged together for me once I got the Pyramid Keys but I feel like plots always get a little convoluted once time travel is involved.
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