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    So, since I haven't read through all the hundrets of pages of suggestions, this was probably allready mentioned/suggested sometime, but anyway:
    More tiers.
    Equipment for the player, weapons and armor to craft and collect, maybe more collectables und achievements, all those things that can give even that hundrets of hours of playtime 100% Starbounder a new, nice little challenge.

    Expanding the game in it's width, it's variety of content, is good. And I like all that happened since the beginning - mechs, enhanced space travel, space stations, even the upcoming bounty hunter arc. But all those new mechanics are still bound to the 6 out of 8 player achieveable Tiers system. I think it would be great to expand the whole game into its content's depth. Tier 7 and 8 allready exist in the game, somehow. Fill it with content, make it useable for the player.

    Because, all the new mechanics are nice and all. But they don't really give a new challenge. Of course, upgrading your mech from the small little thruster propelled metal box with arms and legs to a space fighting machine is fun and you need a little effort to get from a Tier 1 mech to a Tear 6 one - but when you allready achieved everything in the rest of the game, have the best weapon and armor and what not, making you stronger on foot than in your mech, the effort becomes even smaller and you only need as much time to get a max mech as it takes for the random generator to drop you the best blueprints.

    So how about new Tier levels? New Achievements? New collectables? New star system, new planets, new inhabitants. Or, if it isn't that easy to think of a new environmental threat you need to protect against - revive the old beta's "Sector X" system. Same star systems, randomly generated planet threat levels between 6 and.... 8? 10?
    A new ore type to craft with, new legendarys to collect, new monsters to tame, new fish to catch. Simply take all the existing mechanics and expand them.

    "But making such universe wide additions to the game would require everyone to start over to enjoy it."
    Well, in my hobby developer opinion, no it doesn't. The game is procedurally generated at runtime anyway - otherwise I would have deinstalled it allready, because my billions of coordinates big universe would have dumped my disk space if it was all generated at game start. Not to mention the loading times. Just do what Minecraft does. Change the world generator - same seed, other result. Everything that is generated afterwards has a chance of being the new content. The would have two possible results:
    1. The new content is generated beyond the known universe's rim. So the player would have to travel a bit to reach it. But that isn't that hard in a spaceship with unlimited jump range and adds some adventure feeling. "No I#ll go explore the new world and then I'll return home with all that cool new stuff!"
    2. The systems allready track there exploration status. They are devided into "unexplored", meaning you never ever cared about that particular system and probably wouldn't even realise it's gone/it changed and "visited", meaning "Don't touch that, the player yould have build here". Just re-render the allready existant, but unexplored world. Take the unexplored systems and let the new world generator do it's thing on them again.

    That way new Tier levels could easily brought into the game, giving new content to everyone to fully enjoy, being it newbies working their way towards it or maxed out end gamers on the search of a new challenge. And that procedure could be repeated at anytime, adding more Tiers as needed.

    (P.S.: Putted it into "Mechanics", since it's a change to everything - if that's wrong, I'd kindly ask a moderator to move this thread into the right category ^^)

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