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    Edit Update:
    Nevermind I found it. interface\windowconfig\chatbubbles.config

    Now to find a way to move the right menu down a little.....
    Fixed that too..

    Well here's what I did if anyone wants it.

    Mod vs No Mod

    The zip has both the mod folder and it already in a .pak. I didn't patch it, each whole config file is included. It was too hit and miss with patching for some reason and it works this way and I'm not going to really mod my Starbound.

    So basically I'm on my 40" tv. I made the ui scale to 3 (Instead of 2), I increased the font from 8 to 9.

    However I am having trouble locating the file responsible for the in game speech bubble settings. Chat bubbles from myself, players and npcs. Those SAIL Type speech box's are governed by interface.config's Font settings (Except that first one where SAIL tells you to wake up... odd)

    I thought interface\chat\chat.config would be a good bet. But that appears to only govern the chat box where you type and the chat box is also governed by interface.config (Having Font 9 in interface.config and Font 12 in chat.config crashes the game).

    So does anyone know where I can find whatever file I need to change to make the small font speech bubbles bigger/as big as the rest of my font? and (Having it zoomed in doesn't change the size)

    Any help would be awesome

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