Species/cosmetics changer: the Forbidden Pearl

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    have you ever wanted to change your character without fiddling around with all those pesky files? I have!
    And that's where the Forbidden Pearl comes in!
    Getting the Forbidden Pearl is simple. It is a 20% drop from the bosses in ancient vaults, But that's just a piece of it.
    You need five Ancient Fragments to bring to the cloaked figure at the outpost. He'll give you the forbidden Pearl.
    Tooltip: "An ancient transmutation machine."
    When you place the pearl, it looks like a black orb the size of your character. But you can't just customize willy-nilly, You have to wait five minutes (signified by a blue line up the center of the pearl will slowly fill as it charges and will start glowing when it's done.) once you step in the pearl, a character creation menu will pop up (with the name selection removed.) Once you finalize your new you, you press the OK button and get treated to a transformation sequence similar to the respawn animation. When you get thrust back into the game, your character is their new self, and hit with a two minute debuff: New body. It reduces speed, defense, and damage slightly.

    Let me know what you think and what you think should be changed!
    PS: If you think I've posted this before, you're right! This is a touched-up version of my last idea in this topic.

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