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RELEASED Spawnbound - Support

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Malicante, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Malicante

    Malicante Phantasmal Quasar


    This mod aims to make spawning NPC's for your villages much more precise, while still maintaining a "logical" approach to how these spawners are aquired (costs, access). On release, I will have at least fifty-four (54) spawners ready for you to populate villages with, from the common villager, to the rare and mysterious Wizard, weapon selling pirates, and happy-go-lucky musicians.

    But of course, first you need to know the secrets of the art of spawning. Simply dropkick a Capture Station* into a furnace, and let it cook for a while. When the screen is nice and purple, pull it out and introduce yourself to the Digital Spawner Creation Station (Or DSCS for short.)! Just pull up a schematic and let yourself feel the magic!**

    All the spawners require a minimum of two things: The first is a Blank Spawner, crafted from 20 steel bars and 500 pixels. The second is a Sandstone statue of the race you wish to spawn. Don't have a statue? We've got you covered! All the high quality statues you could ever need are in your grasp for a simple trade of 50 fine sand, and 50 sandstone! Once you have these items, check our handy-dandy notebook on all things Spawner-style, located on page 3 of your DSCS manual.*** For those who don't have the manual, here's a quick rundown of the items for each spawner type.

    Villager: Just the base ingredients!

    Guard: Inferior Brain (Credit: LowestFormOfWit)

    Chef: Starter Food of the chosen race (not the Wheat, the other starter food)

    Wizard: One Wizard Eyeba--Hat

    Doctor: Medkit

    Stims: 1 of each Stimpack (How many are you hording in that toolbelt of yours anyways?)

    Tools: A silver pickaxe (Cmon, you should have hundreds of these by now!)

    Musical: A Broken Instrument (Through the FIRE and FLAMES can only be played on top of a FURNACE so many times...)

    Pirate: A box of Blade Parts and Gun Parts (you should know how to get these by now.)

    Pirate Vendors: Still working on it. it'll be some time here, mateys!
    Normal Weapon/Armor vendors: Still working on them too.
    Clothing Vendors: 10 fabric (Still have some time before these be ready too!)
    ...and whatever else I can think of/what's suggested

    To install, just unzip the spawnbound.zip into your /mods folder, and get cooking. Literally.


    *Pending. I like the thought of drop-kicking a crafting station into a hot furnace and melting it into something else.
    **If you randomly combust due to pulling the DSCS out of a thousand degree furnace, THIS IS NOT THE MAGIC WE MEANT!

    ***We may have forgotten to send out the manuals..
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  2. Malicante

    Malicante Phantasmal Quasar

    This space reserved for FAQS and other interesting Tidbits I deem useful. Also I hope I'm not too Screenshot happy.
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  3. SupMaggot

    SupMaggot Void-Bound Voyager

    I installed the mod but when i put the capture pod in the furnace i get only a generic item. What's wrong?
  4. Malicante

    Malicante Phantasmal Quasar

    I don't know, nor will I know for another 2-3 days, as my computer with all my stuff is in the shop. Sorry everyone, just hold out a little longer!
  5. Quixotic

    Quixotic Big Damn Hero

    Sorry, I've Googled extensively, but as long as you already have a thread for these- HOW do you get Blade Parts and Gun Parts?
  6. Malicante

    Malicante Phantasmal Quasar

    Throw a sword/gun into the furnace, and no need to apologize. Do note that the mod is likely broken due to the new way mods work, but I will be fixing it up/getting back to work on it when my computer gets back from the shop.
  7. daragh99

    daragh99 Aquatic Astronaut

    Just wondering why the mod wont show up as a zipped file?
  8. Malicante

    Malicante Phantasmal Quasar

    I am contemplating reviving this. Finally got a computer that's decent (and less delicate, could literally drop kick it with no bad effects.). Since I've been meddling with vanilla for some time, I think it's time to bring this back into use.
  9. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    I for one would like to see this mod brought back to life! Villages would be much easier to make with this mod, and would feel more homely.
  10. Malicante

    Malicante Phantasmal Quasar

    I decided last night to re-take up the torch, and have began to work on this again. However, this time I have a bit more understanding of the game, and can now bend things in more ways, like quests and codexes.

    EDIT: I am looking for ASSISTANCE For resurrection.
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