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    This thread is for me to share the maps I make with you! I sincerely hope you have a good time on these maps, and look forward to any future feed-back.

    Here is my first map. It is quite small but with a surprising amount of strategy it takes to take control. Featuring a defensible starting point surrounded by forests and mountains, open fields lie just outside your domain. A small island features four villages for you to fight for, this is where a lot of the action will take place. Control of the bridges does well to halt enemy advances but will not stop them; the rivers can be traversed. And finally the roads connect all of this small map making a few wagons a valuable investment.

    You can find this map using this code [SN3ZXQRW] Let me know what you think!

    Update March 15 2019

    My next map is a scenario map. I was initially making a one-on-one map where these Outlaws would get in your way of the opposing team; but I got distracted by the idea of playing as these Outlaws against the two warring factions; and so this map was born. I also made a cut scene for the beginning and end of the scenario to try out the editor (it is kind of dumb, but who cares?) I had a great time making the map and playing the map and I hope you do too.

    You can download this map with [8Q7NUUPE]. Can you over come the two warring factions and establish the Bandit Kingdom?
    That is all of my maps for now, but there will be more.
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      Try out my very first campaign map "Legend of the Bandit King" An equally challenging and puzzling adventure where you must defeat both Mercia and Valder and to establish the Bandit Kingdom!

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