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  1. KuyaBatman

    KuyaBatman Void-Bound Voyager

    Spaceship battles ideas has been created here a lot, each one with there own ideas on creating it and how it will affect the universe of starbound. Its actaully a great idea since starbound is set in space and almist everything in the uninverse has a spaceship, so why not go boom,boom other spaceships with your own spaceships. i have made it that you have to destroy the enemy space ship so they wont run anymore and then you go to your mech and loot them and vice versa(meaning if you lost they would go to your spaceship trough the teleporter and then you and your crewmates will kill them so they wont steal from you)

    The Ship Battling mechanics.
    Turn based action, well not actaully turn based but something like it. this will all happen in your navigation console, sometimes when your just wandering a planet an enemy will attack your ship and sail will contact you immediately so you would go to your ship and go immediately to the cockpit chair, in the navigation console you will see your ship on the left side (defensive) or the right side (offensive) there will be buttons that you can press the weapon button, shield button or the escape button, pressing the weapon buttons will of course turn them off or on, there are 4 types of turrets, the fully automatic one but weak (mini cannons), the big cannon that shoots bug dmage but requires charging, and the semi automatic one where you have to press it manually everytime that has ok damage, and the emp gun that turn the enemies shield and weapons off. turning the shield button will turn shield on but you need a shield engine that you will place in your ship, each shield can be randomly generated or crafted and can onlu be used once only to be fueled again with erchius, the more erchius in it, the longer it is turn on. to attck enemy you must tap his ship and it will target all power in it. this also works with space station as bandits will now try to attack that as well, you will also have health when fighting, the more crew you have the more regeneration your ship gets thats why now you should think about getting cewmates or just buying passports from that shady hylotyl dude, your ship may be big and can get lots of weapons but it will have no regeneration at all. this will also work on multiplayer, rightclicking on player ship gives you an option to just attack them or give a request to enter there space ship if they say no you have no choice but to destroy them and if they say yes, there teleporter will be marked on your teleporter and you can name it. when figthing players other players can help you or the enemy by right clicking on chosen teammate and choosing help.

    Upgrading is now unlimited, this will happen when you create a new characther and sail asks you for a byos or vannila ship, vanilla ships will still work but you can only add more rooms if it is fully upgraded, vannila ships are stronger though as each vannila ahip have there own abilities that byos does not. byos is not what you think it is, its still upgrade basd since building your own ship for real can be kinda unfair for those with vannila ships because you can make your ship bigger. You can acces all this in the outpost where there is the penguin on a crane next to penguin pete, there you can add the rooms with upgrade modules, space station style, the guns are in another tab where you can put the turrets on slots(there will be more slots the mor upgrades there are), turrets can be found randomly generated on loot or can be crafted on a table thet you can craft on a lvl2 inventirs's table. shields too are randomly generated and can be crafted. there is also another tab in penguin crane table where you can color the design of your ship(vanilla ships only) hate red and white for your human ship, turn it into black and yellow, if your byos though you can change the blocks of your room by putting a block on the block slot and put another block at the background slot then put your upgrade module then your new room will be that exact blocks you placed, you can even dye it if you want. you can also chaneg the name of your ship to your liking. in the ship table you can actually craft ftl engines that can make you ship travel fasterr in ftl and normal engines that make your ship faster in normal flying. theres also another fuel canister in your ship its for noemal flying, every time you press right click it depletes that fuel, this where you put your wood and coal and radioactive materials, radioactive materials will make your ship faster but makes ftl slower by a short amount.

    Space Stations:
    When i first heard that you can make your own space stations i thought i can make my own death star but nah, its just a big home and storage faviltity, in this idea you can actually put cannons in your space station and put bigger ones that can blow up planets with star energy and a lot of erchius. bandits like i said will also attack your space station but in groups, thats why you need the big guns, energy cannons that automatically destroy spaceships and another one that can turn enemies health in half. Theres also spacestation crew that will guard it when your not ther ,they will be able to use the turrets that you mounted on your spacstation when fightng ships.
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  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    The ideas are great, but one of the some problem it might cause, is that this kind of change in the ship system may wipe out your player save file. This includes your crews and loots, which I think some players might not agree (well, at least not for me, I don't wanna lose my crew).

    But still, this FTL-like and Pixel Starship-like idea sounds fun indeed. If the developer can somehow implement the feature without sacrificing your player save file, that would be awesome! Finally, that turret can fire something and our crew can do real action.

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