Space Butterfly?

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by ranmafan, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. ranmafan

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    Hey there!

    As many fans of Terraria are familiar with, Jesse Cox of OMFGCata mentioned a 'Space Butterfly' whose dreams create reality. Is there any chance of creating a creature as such, and perhaps linking it to a quest of some sort? (perhaps killing it might even prove disastrous somehow...)

    =P Just thinking. Might even get Jesse Cox to do a series for Starbound in search of the elusive Space Butterfly... using the moon nectar item.

    (Also - searching for Space Butterfly produced no results, so apologies if this has already been done.)
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  2. Sashima

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    I like this as a rare collectible quest, or even it turning out to be a minigame boss battle.

    Like you encounter it in space so you fight it inside your ship like a bullet hell game.

    That or you chase it to a 1 time visit planet with unique flowers like rainbow plants, and other uniques that you could gather while you hunt this butterfly down and kill it mauahahahah!!!

    just thoughts.
  3. ranmafan

    ranmafan Big Damn Hero

    Maybe you have to collect 200 flowers before you can craft something called 'Moon Nectar' that summons the butterfly...
  4. Xanivic

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    Oh my god. I love Jesse. I believe this idea is amazing and rather creative. All hail the Space Butterfly!
  5. An intriguing idea. Sounds fun.

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