Space anomalies/encounters not despawning...?

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    Hello! I've been dealing with a bug for a little bit, basically every new star system I enter is fine, but as time passes and I fuss around the world or spend time on a planet building, my system becomes cluttered with space encounters. They spawn, but never despawn,

    I'm hoping maybe either someone has seen it before or someone can tell me how the space encounters despawn so I can try and troubleshoot which mod might be impacting it...? (I'm sure it's a mod interaction, but since it started after someone joined on multiplayer, I'm not sure which one and I'm trying to narrow it down)


    Here's what my worst one looks like right now. (RIP)

    So my questions are thus:
    1) Has anyone ever seen this?? What caused it? lol
    2) What part of the starbound code/files deals with space encounters spawning/despawning? There's no errors in the usual log file so I'm wondering if I can find it in some other file?
    3) Is there a way to manually force despawn anomolies/encounters? (I doubt it, but it's worth asking.)

    Anyways, I don't expect anyone to debug this for me but... any sort of direction would be lovely, since I've been working troubleshooting this for weeks now with no luck. TuT I may just have to start everything all over but boo no one wants that

    I appreciate y'alls time! <3
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    I wanna have this...
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    If you haven't already started over there might be a way to achieve something less severe that may provide a solution to this question.

    In your Starbound\storage\universe folder there is a file called universe.chunks. make a backup copy of it and delete it.
    This file is where the game stores all the information it generates about what systems look like generally, things like what types of planets are present, what biomes and dungeons they contain, etc.
    When you reload the game and use the navigation console, it will regenerate the data for the visible stars.

    It is possible that you may need to delete the .system file for the affected systems also as I am not sure if this will hold information about your anomalies and space encounters.

    Your planets that you have previously visited/worked on will be fine so long as you leave the .world files alone.
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