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WIP SoundFlux (Sound|Music enhancement/Slight visual mod)

Discussion in 'Other' started by SmoothGuy, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. SmoothGuy

    SmoothGuy Phantasmal Quasar

    So Mr.Smooth,what's the actual point of this mod?
    This mod aims to recreate and add nostalgia feel from iconic games,movies and such,as example Freelancer,Popular movies as example Space oddysey 2001 trough music,sounds and such,also fill intensity in scenes where game lacks it,as example the quest sound
    There will be sounds from DOOM3 wich includes gun sounds and such,monsters sounds,sounds From Freelancer,such as button click,or some of the music,gun sounds and such,the mod may contain raw combat unedited sounds from combat situations in real life (explosions,screams,details),immersive content may be included

    All packed into one,adequately sized pack! Everything that will fit together,creating an unique alternative experience for starbound

    Warning:Mod may contain sounds that will be not definietly family friendly as pain screams,explosions,and additional sound effects,it is possible that seizures,shock are both possible in excessive volume

    What are the Features?

    • Soundtracks from legendary Sci-fi and fantasy movies such as Star Wars,Star Trek,Avatar on right place and game scene with full quality
    • Sounds of clicking buttons,realistic or iconic explosion,door sounds and such,exactly as you heard them in movie,game or media resource
    • Adding sounds/music where it isnt Ex.FTL jump with Epic Orchestral Uplifting song For adventure feel (Experimental)
    • Soundmod also aims to provide diversity between the sounds,and make 100% sure that sounds fit to themselves or to the actual sound
    • Real Combat sounds included,with same punch and intesivity as you exactly hear it in real life
    Why is the mod Work In Progress?
    I used to make soundmods back half year in few games,and i like to release my mods with at least 50% of content

    And because what will be ingame,depends partially on community,by that suggestions of all kind are widely welcome,afterwards i will select some and place them in,if they will fit into collection of the soundtracks and sounds

    Hey! I want this soundtrack or sound in this mod!
    Suggestions are completely welcome! Post soundtracks you think that would fit into boss fights,calm areas or even enviroment where there is none music or sound

    Please post at least youtube video with decent quality and under the video write why do you think it should be added into the mod and what it would improve in current scene

    When you will release the mod?
    Mod is planned to be released in next 3-5 Days depending on interest and suggestions

    Version 0.5 Will be released and after that continuously updated

    Orange=To be done
    Blue=being worked on
    Green=In mod,Released

    -Gather Monster Sounds
    -Gather Music
    -Gather additional sounds

    -Implement Monster,weapons and additional sounds
    -Make up system that will show what soundtrack is playing and from what movie
    -Create whole new Menu screen background

    -Implement Music Files
    -Modify the Starbound Logo
    -Re-edit and fit the sound/music to the game events
    -Release the mod

    List of Replaced Files:
    -Title Menu music|Peter Crowley - Illusion (Epic Powerful Uplifting)
    The Dark Knight Rises-The Shadows Betray You

    Sunshine OST : 08. Repairs "John Murphy & Underworld"
    -Quest Completed Sound|Skyrim LevelUp Sound
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  2. SmoothGuy

    SmoothGuy Phantasmal Quasar

    Reserved for future actions and teaser
  3. Kestrelio

    Kestrelio Tentacle Wrangler

    Yeah I think this sounds great! Will I be able to insert my own tracks as well?
  4. SmoothGuy

    SmoothGuy Phantasmal Quasar

    I was unable to work on the mod for a while, but it has been reset

    Depends if the music for actual scene will be already used, if there would be as example music for menu with battlefield 4 theme, you would need to replace it with your file
    After full release of the music mod, i plan to implement boombox with ability to play those tracks independently, theoretically, you can insert your file into the mod, and play it with the boombox, however the track wont run instead of original soundtrack as part of the mod until you replace your soundfile with some soundfile in the mod


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