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    Hello everyone,

    I am playing Stardew Valley for Windows on Version 1.5.4.

    Since I'm fully satisfied with the vanilla experience, I'm currently playing through the game with someone else in co-op without mods.

    We now came across the Void Chicken some time ago and found that the normal chicken sound doesn't really fit them.

    So I wanted to customize some of the chicken sounds.

    I used this tutorial:

    I extracted the wave bank file, converted the sound files with LameXP into the right file format und looked for the sound effects I needed.

    I choose to change the sound file called "00000020.wav". I threw it into Audacity, gave it a little bit more "darkness" and exported it as signed 16-bit PCM (i tried 8 bit aswell).

    So that you can listen to it and examine it, I have attached the file below (or above... I don't know, that's my first thread in this forum :D ).

    The next step was to open XACT and to convert the edited soundfiles back into the "Wave Bank.xwb".

    I did that and replaced the original file.

    As I started the game and loaded my save, I realized, that the sounds were unchanged. EXCEPT that only 2 of the 3 chicken sounds could be heard. My changed effect is simply ignored.

    At least it also means that I haven't broken anything else.

    My question is what do you guys recommend me to try to make my new sound effect work.

    Thank you in advance


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        Tbh I've only just started looking into sounds today (that exact forum with some more), so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

        But from what I can tell, sounds have a lot of elements to them. There is the file itself, the ID the game recognizes (for chickens it is "cluck" I believe), and the unlabeled number mess that comes when you unpack the original wave bank file (according to this those numbers would be 0000001f, 00000020, and 00000021 for chicken noises)

        You found the exact wave file for one of the chicken noises, so I'm not sure why that didn't work. It could have something to do with the ID not being "cluck" or maybe the .wav file itself isn't working, but I honestly don't know.

        You might want to try something like I did earlier. I tried to add waterfall noises to the game. I went through the forum like you but I found that using custom music ( worked out better for me. I was able to download their example and get the noise directly added to the game without editing the game's files directly. That way you could also add chicken noises instead of having to replace them. This mod did that sort of thing here and added lots of animal noises (

        While I know this doesn't solve the void aspect of your chicken problem, I hope it at least helped a little. I think there might be something in the coding to differentiate between regular chickens and void chickens but I can't be sure. This mod is also a custom music mod, and they added a conditional to their content.json.
        Maybe (and this really is a maybe) you could do something similar to differentiate the chickens?
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          Thanks for the answer.
          First of all, I must apologize because the link to the turorial I posted was incomplete. I have corrected that.
          Thanks for your comments, I will take a look at it. Even if it sounds right now rather as if one would adapt with these Mods rather the music, which could go however perhaps, that here presumably also only the "Sound Bank.xsb" is changed.

          I compared the original file with the modified one and they have the same bitrate. Only the file size has grown from 49 kB to 222 kB because of the stretching of the sound effect.
          If I understood the tutorial correctly, this should not be a problem.

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