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WIP Soto's Mod Manager

Discussion in 'Other' started by ImSoto, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. ImSoto

    ImSoto Aquatic Astronaut

    Really, really, REALLY rough version of the release, talking 0.01 currently.

    What this allows you to do is easily add and remove mods to your game in a way that doesn't break or edit any of the core files.
    Note; This currently does not have a player.config editor so you gotta add your reciepes yourself!.

    1) Get the location of your mods files that are in either ".ZIP" or ".RAR" file format. (I suggest you use something like desktop or my default path of C:\StarboundMods)
    2) Enter the location of your mods folder into the first Location Directory and hit "Check Mod Location" this should prompt a response saying that the location was set successfully.
    3) Get the location of Starbound, this however should already be the same unless you're using a different hard drive.
    4) Again, hit the "Check Starbound folder" and this will quickly scan and find if it's the correct folder or not.
    5) Hit "Refresh Lists" button and this will generate the lists of the folders (Note this is very temp way of getting them)
    6) Select a .ZIP or .RAR file from Mods Detected and hit "Install" this will prompt you a message of the successful install
    6.5) Add the recipes to your player.config in your Starbound for custom items, the modders should have a list of custom recipes to add for you (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\assets\player.config)
    7) Enjoy!
    8) If you want to remove a mod, select a mod from the 'Mods Installed" and hit "Remove Mod" this will remove the mod

    If you're a modder and want to allow your mods to install using this you should use a layout like this when your making the like this; *YourUsername* > Included Mods > *paths to things like items, etc*

    Anyway, this is a really rough version for now.

    Download; Version 0.01
    Virus Scan; VirusTotal - ModManager.exe V0.01

    Protip; I just saw KrazyTheFox's mod manager, I'll add a theme and other things when my webhost comes online
    Got fetching downloads and updating somewhat done... webhost broke again tho
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  2. sjheiss

    sjheiss Tentacle Wrangler

    Mod manager counter: 4* and growing. :facepalm:

    *That I've seen, at least.
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  3. SquishyOctopodPenguin

    SquishyOctopodPenguin Big Damn Hero

    It wont launch for me as in the mod loader
  4. ImSoto

    ImSoto Aquatic Astronaut

    It took me a entire 15 minutes ;'(
    Yeah it's a derpy version, It's currently being changed into a open-source mod manager
  5. SquishyOctopodPenguin

    SquishyOctopodPenguin Big Damn Hero

    is there a way i can get my hands on a working version
  6. dangerpeanut

    dangerpeanut Astral Cartographer

    Being a modder and supporting two mod managers already, the layout you are requesting for mod packaging is a little silly. I'm not including my username as a folder. Most mods will be packaged with folders for assets right in the zip root, expecting the manager to create/remove folders for each mod itself.


    If your manager did this, while pulling mod information from a small text file inside the zip folder root, I'm sure it would be more modder friendly. It just doesn't make sense to repack mods to conform to your expected structure when there are mod managers out there who use a functional, simpler structure.

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