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Digital (sorta) Crusty old SB art I make-

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by FernBlaze, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. FernBlaze

    FernBlaze Star Wrangler

    uhh, funny update:
    I was playing through modded and i made two exact replicas of crewmembers that were once part of mercy's ship and uh...

    This is starting to make me want to add them back into canon.
    Scratch that they're canon in his backstory again
    but only for this:

    I TURN.

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  2. FernBlaze

    FernBlaze Star Wrangler

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  3. FernBlaze

    FernBlaze Star Wrangler

  4. FernBlaze

    FernBlaze Star Wrangler


    he look like sk8r boi
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  5. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    See, most of us that post art to these forums just have drawings, character designs, cartoons.

    Then FernBlaze here comes saddling in with a couple of pieces I'd expect in an art gallery. Jeez, man, leave the rest of us some dignity!

    Very good composition, and great use of positive and negative space (though that's a given with hard black and white). I especially like the first one--you can really feel the speed and motion through the hard angles, and the shift from black-on-white to white-on-black helps to strike home the sense of surprise he's getting from falling over. The second pice works better I think in conveying the scene, though the us of a third tone in the last panel is a bit off-putting. That said, it does help to add that perspective, so I'd be hard pressed to find an alternative (just lines would be too messy).

    Aaand I'm speaking artist on accident. Whoops! Overall, really good pieces. Bravissimo, dear fellow.
  6. FernBlaze

    FernBlaze Star Wrangler

    Thank you! And yeah, I tried really hard to not use a third tone but the train didn't work otherwise :/
    I'm thinking of using the third tone in a few more panels as I gradually add more color, since this is another story snippet while I wait for summer break to start, where i'll officially start on the 1st chapter, or else i'd never get it done tbh

    (Also thinking of changing my username if that's possible to do,, i've moved on from fernblaze as my character completely (AQ, checkers, luckyee), so if you're suddenly getting notifs from a completely different person, it's mE)
  7. FernBlaze

    FernBlaze Star Wrangler

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