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Feedback Some thoughts on long-expected 1.0

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by MelOzone, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. MelOzone

    MelOzone Big Damn Hero

    Yet another "my precious opinion" thread. If you know one to merge this into, please mark it for the mods.

    I've intentionally ignored Nightly to get a kind of surprise feeling. And although I had hopes, part of me knew the issues I considered core wouldn't be addressed in this release.
    Short answer: it's not release. It's a well made next Beta Stable.

    Long answer.
    Credit where it's due. Chucklefish has been (somewhat) doing their homework. I've just started a new game, and while I'm genuinely saddened by the scrapped unique intros (and SAILs, and some unique weapons and lore), the questline and "radiant" system so far seems fine, if unpolished (the frequency of quests is too high).
    Hazard backpack is good.
    Hunger system (I've not seen the initial one when it existed) is good so far.
    Matter manipulator upgrade mechanic is good.
    Tutorials are perfect. A really impressive work!
    New scanning system is inspiring. I started gathering props to disassemble them later, only to find out I actually don't need them. And already analyzed items are color-coded now. I've not seen the new iteration of pixel printer, but still - excellent work!
    Planetary info while on ship got revamped - not much, but still, it's good now.
    I've not left the initial system yet, but I've already seen some new constructions. Floran village on the desert planet looks really good (lacking a merchant is a minor issue).
    Biome mix and integration seems good so far. Gives more diversity to planets.
    Outpost now actually makes sense. Unlocking different shops while progressing feels natural, the bosses got harder, the tier progression slowed.
    Crafting got better. Love the upgrade option and all the introduced blocks.

    I see a lot of work was poured into this build. So why do I call it "Stable", not "Release"?
    Unfortunately some core problems that were present half a year ago are still there.
    1. Linear planetary progression
    Forest and desert at "newbie" systems, ocean and snow at "medium", ash, magmatic and ice cold at "endgame".
    This. Is. Wrong.
    I'm not the only one noticing this. I'm not that far into the game in this playthrough, but I suspect in this part nothing changed. We got some additional variety thanks to new biome mixes, but beyond that - alas.
    2. Lack of a map
    I was sure it won't be there in 1.0, if ever, but still, I'm upset. No map? Really? It's quite trivial from a developer's point of view. With all the usability and gameplay buffs this one's really missing.
    3. Performance hits
    Still there. Outpost is a classic example, although I sometimes get FPS hits in a simple combat with 2-3 enemies on the planet surface (mind you, I play exclusively solo as of now, and my rig is not prehistoric).

    Usability still needs some love - introducing "pause game" option, improving the toolbar (for a game half-centered around building from dozens of blocks this crippled one is a joke), reducing the quantity of workshops (it looks logical now, but a workbench to make workbenches? Really? More workbenches to the God of Workbenches!).

    All and all unfortunately I see a disturbing pattern: Chucklefish makes introducing new features (like pets or archaeology) their top priority while somewhat slacking on improving features that comprise the backbone of a gaming process. I know I'm not the only one to notice that, and surely not the first, but I've hoped last few years would make a difference.

    Last but not the least. Unfortunately I have to admit Chucklefish's community management leaves much to wish for. Many of my negative impressions are amplified by the understanding that none of the devs are frequent posters on the forums. I'm sure the community would take the waiting and the changes more favourably if they felt the feedback working, felt themselves participants of the discussion, saw the reaction and knew that their voice matters.
    I'm in no position to lecture how to do it properly. I'm not a gamedev myself. But I've seen much more successful cases. And if anyone of those people who make decisions here is reading this - take a look at what Radiant Ent. are doing on their Stonehearth forums. Speaking directly to the bug-reporters. Full transparency. Twitch chats where the reaction is more or less instant. The community always has an understanding on what's being worked on at the moment, they see the game improving, see that their wishes are being taken into account. I can't stress enough the importance of this. Because this, in my belief, is what builds a faithful and thriving community.
    In spite of all the drawbacks I still enjoy the game. I hope the devs will be true to their word and continue improving it. For what it's worth, I wish them best of luck.
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