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    Hey ConcernedApe,

    (I don't know if you'll actually respond to this, just because I know your busy, so anyone who knows the answers to it, feel free to.)

    Q#1: How long did it take you to make Stardew Valley?

    Q#2: How much experience, if any, did you have with programming before going into University of Washington–Tacoma?

    Q#2.5: So I read on that you got a degree in computer science, If you feel like sharing this is a little more personal question did you get a Associates degree, a Bachelors degree, or a Masters degree? and would you say it was needed to make a game like yours? or could I/we make a game, as jammed packed with stuff to do as yours, through tutorials and youtube?

    Q#3: Obviously you got your inspiration from Harvest Moon, but is there anything else that really inspired you to work through those long hours programming the game and make something of it?

    Q#4:In the long run would you have rather have gotten a little team together to make your game, like 3-4 people, to save time and stuff, or do you like the freedom you get when programming it yourself at the cost of time it takes to make the game?
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      Q#5: Do you have any knew game ideas and are you planning on making anymore games? you don't have to share your ideas just wondering if there are anymore games you are working on.

      Thank you for inspiring me and others to being able to make games without feeling like its no use because bigger companies are doing it already, and thanks for waking up bigger companies to start making games with more heart and thought. As long as you are making games I know I will be and others will be playing them!

      Thank you for your the time you are taking to respond!!!

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        #5: Maybe not inspiration in that manner, but he's influenced quite a bit from Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli - or at least honors him.
        The Rarecrow #1 for example is a character named Turnip Head and the little black guys in the mines are Soot Sprites.
        Quite a few people find the music very similar to old Secret of Mana, especially the winter theme compared to the SoM Crystal Forest theme.
        Music part is just pure speculation, but well. The music is just so good. <3
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