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    Greetings everyone!
    First of all I want to say: This is an amazing game.
    Of course I have my suggestions to make the game (in my opinion) better.

    1. Junimo encounters
    Once you restore the Community Center, the Junimos will be gone, which is kind of sad. My idea is to have Junimos appear in areas with a lot of trees. If you haven't completed all the bundles yet, they will run away. As soon as the bundles are done, they won't flee. This isn't really affecting the gameplay, but I think it would be a nice little detail.

    2. Spouses and unique events
    Yes, there have been a lot of suggestions surrounding marriage but I'm still going to put mine out there.
    I'd love to see a little more variety in the married life. Right now every spouse has an unique room, which is great, but I think every spouse could have different events that occur every now and then. For example: Leah could have an art show every season, which will result in a little profit. Abigail could help you explore the mines or play Journey of the Prairie King with you. Elliot could publish more books and read them at the library. Sam could perform with his band.

    3. Festival Cutscenes
    The festivals are a nice way of getting involved in the community, but I feel like most of them haven't reached their full potential yet. Some festivals include tables filled with food, it could be nice to show a little cutscene where you're actually eating and talking with the other villagers. Or maybe some sort of photo-slideshow, including highlights of the day. We also have the Feast of the Winter Star, yet there are little to no stars involved. It would be nice to display a cutscene (or photo) of you and the villagers gazing into the sky, watching the star.

    Maybe I will add more suggestions later
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      Seriously though great suggestions!
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        i love the junimo idea. it'd make me feel more captured in the world and lore of stardew valley. i didn't even know dwarves were a thing until like 2 days ago.

        *heavily breathes at the second suggestion* that is such a neat idea! MORE SPOUSE TIME. YES.
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        • Caudyr

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          ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY on the Junimo encounters, please!

          They could have differing reactions depending on how many bundle sets you've completely finished, sa well!

          YES PLEASE ON MORE SPOUSE STUFF! I want to be able to just...go out in certain weather, or in the evening on some nights and play the mini-harp with abby while she plays her flute! That is SUCH a wasted opportunity to only allow you to do that once! :(

          Also, stargazing with Maru could be...really romantic, tbh. :D I dig this ideas SO much, as evidenced by my recommending similar stuff in other threads, as well~ (though more suggestions of it = it more likely to be seen, so WOO!) ^^

          More festival cutscenes and just activities in general would indeed be good, but I don't think it's just that. A lot of the festivals seem...well...barren and inactive. I'd like for them to have more than just they have right now. Maybe MULTIPLE scenes for some, more activities, etc. Things you can do with those you've befriended, and other stuff like that. They could be expanded upon in SO many ways that it definitely feels like it's a wasted opportunity.

          Maybe Year 2's moonlight jelly festival could have something UNIQUE happen instead, for example. Like...say...that sea monster shows its head and is like: SUP GUYS! I CAME! or something crazy like that. :rofl:
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