(Some) Marriages Should Create In-Laws

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by karthos1000, Feb 22, 2020.

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    For example, let's say I marry Abigail. Then Pierre should be my Father-in-Law and Caroline should be my Mother-In-Law, and this should be reflected in the parenthetical note where you see "Girlfriend", "Boyfriend", "Fiancee", "Wife", "Husband".

    Marrying Maru would make Sebastian your Brother in Law, and Marrying Shane would make Marnie your Aunt.

    Some unique dialogue related to this might be nice, but wouldn't be necessary. It would just be fun to look in and see that Emily is my Sister-in-Law.
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      Yes 1000x yes.

      I always thought it was odd that the in laws for the most part treat the marriage deal as the spouse is dead to the family and your not part of it.

      Maybe create a day in the fall as a family reunion event that only takes an hour. Also give an chance for non family attendies like the wizard, linus, willie, krobus or dwarf. Bonus point if extra dialog happens for abby
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