Some kind of instructions needed for Switch controls

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Typhoon, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I'm aware that there is a graphic showing the controller mappings, however a lot of people are naturally asking questions on how to bait the fishing rod, which buttons to press to ship single and multiple items, what to press when buying and selling items, etc.

    Some sort of easy to read controller guide is really needed - the game was originally released on the PC so when using a keyboard and mouse it's a lot easier to figure out the inputs, with a controller though it's more difficult and a lot of people are naturally struggling.

    This may also apply to the PS4 and Xbox One ports, maybe also those using a controller on the PC? The Switch controller inputs would possibly be more relevant right now though I suppose.

    Any thoughts?
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      I agree with you. I just bought the physical collector's edition, and I didn't notice a manual for the controls. I can learn them in game through trial and error , but I do understand that everyone learns differently. Maybe Chucklefish can somehow do an updated reprint in the nearer future and include a manual with controls for all the platforms SDV is on.
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