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    I personally feel like the shops in Stardew Valley are perfectly fine.
    Pierre's is for farming.
    Clint's is for mining.
    Robin's is for building.
    Willy's is for fishing.
    Marnie's is for animal-ing (?).
    Gus's is for eating.
    Joja's is for nothing.

    Which is what brings me to this.

    At the end of the game, you'll start getting a lot of money that no one else would ever be able to afford. And by getting all of this money, you spend it for yourself. Sure, you may get gifts for them, but what's the point of that?

    I had the idea of being able to upgrade the shops so that you gain friendship points with people connected to the shop and make them able to do more things. Here are some ideas I personally had for shops. I guess each shop would maybe take around 100,000G, but it's a rough estimate.

    PIERRE'S - 3 Hearts for Pierre, Caroline, 1.5 Heart for Abigail
    Gives more plant content. Fertilizer becomes slightly cheaper.
    Cutscene appears where, if Jojo Mart is still there, Pierre basically rubs it in his face.
    The shop will look more modern and modified, but still have that wood and clean feel that it does.
    CLINT'S - 1.5 Heart for Clint, 1 Heart for Emily
    Ores become slightly cheaper. Sells the ore iridum. Geodes become slightly cheaper. Possibly another upgrade for each tool. Possibly will start selling weapons too.
    Shop will change from depressing to stern and nice. The forge will become much more safer and nicer looking. Clint's desk will be bigger. The note to Emily crumpled in the corner will be gone.
    ROBIN'S - 2 Hearts to Robin, Demetrius, Maru and Sebastian
    Buildings become slightly cheaper, Robin will request for slightly less materials for buildings. Possibly add more structures for the farm.
    Shop will have more beams, be much bigger from the outside, hallways and floors and walls will be repainted and re-modified, but besides that everything will stay the way it is (as Robin apparently helped build the house / did build it herself).
    WILLY'S - 4 Hearts to Willy
    Everything becomes slightly less cheaper, especially Crab Pot. Sells different kinds of bait, tackle, and possibly a new fishing rod.
    Shop will expand, also cleaning up the port (Marnie will actually stand on it at the Jellyfish event, as she originally says it's old and doesn't want it to break), and everything will become filled and cramped with fishing tokens from his adventures.
    MARNIE'S - 2 Hearts to Marnie and Jas, 1 Heart to Shane
    Everything becomes slightly less cheaper, and enables the feature of being able to give the bucket and shears to Clint to upgrade it, possibly for better quality items or maybe chances of getting more than 1 per use.
    Jas and Marnie's room will become bigger, Shane will only become slightly bigger (due to his common depression), and the main part will get cleared out and had monuments of her animals, maybe even having a few for show outside and you can look at it from a window (she would never trap her animals in cages just to see!).
    GUS'S - 3 Hearts to Gus, 1.5 Hearts to Emily
    Prices stay the same, but Gus starts giving out new recipes to foods and the recipes that can be bought that were originally from the Cooking Channel only. Additionally gives the option of being able to eat with someone else of your choice. You pay for both meals, but it gives energy back afterwards, let's you talk to them, and gives hearts if done right, only able to be done to same person once per two weeks.
    JOJO's - 3 Hearts to Shane, 1.5 Hearts to Sam
    Only available once it's abandoned
    Becomes a shop for random things such as furniture, bars, and food - basically just the miscellaneous store. Shane would become the manager of it, Sam would become the assistant. Shane's depression would appear to sort of disappear.

    That's my idea for this. Um. Yeah.
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