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Is mayor Lewis innocent? or is there more going on?

  1. It's just a fun indie game, give it a break...

  2. There's something more going on here...

  1. Josh_the_farmer_guy

    Josh_the_farmer_guy Tentacle Wrangler

    Ok, so I was just watching someone start the game again and I noticed something. Lewis, The mayor of Pelican Town, makes the comment,"I've been the mayor for twenty years now!" or something like that. The thing that struck me was that it was exactly twenty years from the death of your grandfather.This could just be a coincidence in a very innocent game, but what if... As your farm grows you can get a significant amount of cash flow. Enough to maybe being so well off that you don't need to focus on farming as much anymore, enough to give you time enter into the running for mayor of your little town. Your good friend could very easily become bitter because it was his dream and it could drive him to drastic measures. I find it strange how no one talks about other would be mayors. Where they scared by the rumours surrounding the death of the previous runner. We see that Lewis, "as mayor", and "friend" of your grandfather has access to your house, he comes out of it in the starting scene. This may all be a random oversight but post your opinions or what you think might really be going on... IS PELICAN TOWN AS INNOCENT AS IT LOOKS?
    • SunStunBros

      SunStunBros Aquatic Astronaut

      I always thought it was a little weird that he was the only mayor for so long. Like it would mean that he would have been doing a hell of a job the entire time.. But here we come in, fixing up the town that he runs. Like what have you been doing this entire time aside from playing with the rancher?!

      Or grandpa was actually the mayor, and when he passed, Lewis took over. I do wish there was a slight bit more of lore to the game, but hey. I love it regardless.
      • Phea

        Phea Big Damn Hero

        And to add on, there's that whole 'temple of Yoba' thing going on that we are never really told about. . . :wtf: Could Mayor Lewis be making sacrifices to keep his position? :wot:
        • Josh_the_farmer_guy

          Josh_the_farmer_guy Tentacle Wrangler

          Woah! I've never even thought about the Yoba worship idea! It is fairly interesting that in the "Grandpa scene" there is a symbol of Yoba on his wall. Did Lewis have the witch curse it and then put there to "poison" Grandpa?
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