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Some bugs in multiplayer

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sunder1, May 1, 2018.

  1. Sunder1

    Sunder1 Orbital Explorer

    So... there is a bug in a museum which makes items which you or someone else on server donated. All you neewd to do is pick donated items and drag them to the other place and leave it there. The will be gone and you will be able to donate it again.
    Also there is one thing that is not that much of a bug but should be fixed. The player drawers which every player has. When you point on them the pointer doesnt change for the "can be used" pointer ( like with chest or door ( i hope you understand what i meant)).
    Also the "bridge" that you can build for 300 wood on the beach. When you build it you can cross it right away, however the other players cant use ( walk on it). Although the bridge appeared the day after for the others.
    Some small bugs that i found are: when you are fishing and the massive cutscene starts you see both cutscene and fishing pole aslo the line of the fishing rod goes all the way from the place you started and right to the place where cutscene happens. Also other players' characters can lag when leaving certain places, for example: i was fishing on the lake under the mine and the guy left this location, his character appeared standing on the water for second and the he disappeared. Also some bugs with savings, where: you got your lvl on one of the skills at the night> game saves> morning begins> game crushes> you continue on that day after skill, however you wont have that skill increased for this day because you will need to sleep for once more in order to get this skill increased.
    So that all i've found for now. I hope this message doesnt have that much of mistakes, and can be ... idk... helpful for some of you.

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