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RELEASED Soma Explorer Ships 1.1.1

For all your pseudo-Vaygr needs

  1. Utopolyst

    Utopolyst Void-Bound Voyager

    The old switch method - deleting shipworld file, after adding new ship - doesn't pose that problem, IF you already interacted with the AI. If not, then you will get this. The same (graphic-placement)problem occurs when starting the game.
    I'm not sure, but before I edited the "humantech- & researchstation" in the blockkey.config to "apex", it didn't do anything.
    Oh, and you might want to change the "humanStarterTreasure" to "apexStarterTreasure", resp. edit ALL the blockkey.config files for every race, so that everyone gets their appropirate startingtreasure.
  2. Madeinchina

    Madeinchina Intergalactic Tourist

    I downloaded Soma Explorer Ships
    and my ship looked like this:

    I do not know what to do, and S.A.I.L was flying in the void,if I put the mod again nothing happens

  3. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    It's usually best to raise these issues in the mod's discussion thread, since not many people outside of it will be familiar with the mod. Nor is Starbound Discussion used for tech support, even when mods aren't in use.

    Merged with the mod's discussion thread.

    (On a side note; Americans aren't the only ones who speak English. The language itself originated in, well, England.)
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  4. Madeinchina

    Madeinchina Intergalactic Tourist

    (i know but I get stupid when I'm desperate)
  5. Ixantir

    Ixantir Ketchup Robot

    This is my favorite ship. You said the species for it isn't going to be posted? Would you mind if I stared developing my Nenohr around this ship and general shape concept around this? I want them to be very technological and this ship and theme seem very fitting for my plans. Was anything else pushed from the old project that they feel like sharing? If not thats fine I'll probably do base armor sets off the color pallets already present. it would get shifted quite a bit as the species I'm looking at making are rats.
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  6. mdew9989

    mdew9989 Void-Bound Voyager

    dunno if ur still active or not but, if this mod works on the current Starbound ( Glad Giraffe) how to u install this mod? do u just throw the "someexploreship" file right in to the "mod" file?
  7. pop-yotheweird

    pop-yotheweird Ketchup Robot

    if I remember correctly, yes. you just extract the .rar file, take the extracted whatevs and throw it into the mods folder of Starbound.
    on a similar note, I hope MShadowy updates this when 1.0 comes out or gives someone permission to do it in his/her stead. I absolutely love this ship's look.

    edit: just noticed the copyright symbols were clickable. I did the reading thing, and yup. people would be able to update it on their own accord if they provide source to the original, what changes were made, etc. in a respectable manner, while also giving anyone else the ability to do the same. pretty nifty.
    someone do this. I don't know how mod do.
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  8. Galacticruler

    Galacticruler Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    the T8 ships reminds me of Sajuuk.
  9. Lavitts

    Lavitts Void-Bound Voyager

    Any chance at a 1.0 update?
  10. erubian warlord

    erubian warlord Big Damn Hero

    it works in 1.0
  11. Vorona

    Vorona Void-Bound Voyager

    привет, я русский и хотел, чтобы вы сделали этот мод к версии игры 1.0. уже 1.0.5 но мод годный и красивый)
    hi, I'm Russian and I wanted you to do this mod for game version 1.0. 1.0.5 already but the mod is good and beautiful)
  12. villainsvillains

    villainsvillains Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    hi, i'm getting a client shipworld error, is there a way to fix this for 1.0 and above? really want to use this ship :(
  13. Tenshi No Shi

    Tenshi No Shi Void-Bound Voyager

    I am getting that shipworld error too. It says something about it not finding the objecrt brokenhumanfuelhatchteir0. I am trying to see if there is a way to fix this, but would be nice to hear from the mod author.

    Edit - It seams that it is fixed in the Steam version. Just not in the version here.
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  14. Ramnok

    Ramnok Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey there, I use the elithian races mod and have found that the droden race is quite dull as it uses the same ship as the avikan of the same mod. How would I update this to the droden race? Is it simply renaming the files with the droden file names and modifying the blockkey? If so anyone know of a guide that can help me do that?
  15. luna_panshiel

    luna_panshiel Pangalactic Porcupine

    you don't have to actually modify the ships at all, in the player.config.patch file in the root of a mod, it will contain a set of patches to assign what ship each race uses, just change THAT to use the new ship

    be aware though, you will need to delete your existing ship world save file to reset your ship and use a new one
  16. Timelf

    Timelf Void-Bound Voyager

    This MOD is not available for 1.3.3 games. Could you update it? Thank you. This MOD looks good, but unfortunately it can't be used now.
    I'm sorry for my pool english.
  17. Greystar

    Greystar Space Hobo

    I like the ship, however there is one minor pet peeve about it and If I knew what I needed to type to unlock the internals of the ship I'd fix it myself in game. The access openings between levels are only 4 blocks wide, however all vanilla hatches are 5 blocks wide. Making it impossible to put in doors between levels or even to use another mods hatches (which have platforms built in). I realize this is VERY old, however if anyone knows how I can make it so that the internal blocks are unlocked IE the tileprotection code needed to make the internal tiles no longer protected (and removeable, I don't mean the background) it would be very appreciated.

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