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    Hey everyone,

    I've started a new game with another farm, but I found that certain events don't trigger for me. I'm on day 10 in spring, and I did not get my pet (I did make over 1k gold as per the requirement), and the community hall event isn't triggering either despite me following the requirements on the wiki.

    I do have a character with the same name twice, however I also have 2 save files that are treated as separate (both having their own ID number). I already looked into my save documents with notepad per the guide for solving common problems, and the numbers for the "pet" and "community hall" events are not there. I tried editing them in and running my game, but nothing happened.

    Anyone have the same problem? And if so, does deleting both the saves and starting completely anew help?
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      How many days have you waited while at $1000? The other requirements for the pet scene are as follows; it occurs between 6-9:30am, the day has to be sunny, and a Wednesday or Friday.

      Not sure about the Community Center; the description on the Wiki looks accurate.
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      • Shtiya

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        I missed the wednesday/friday part of it, thanks! Waiting for that helped, I now have my pet. The community center has now also triggered, that was a fault on my part, I confused which screen was meant by "bus screen" and kept going into town past Robin's home.

        Thanks for the help with the pet!

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