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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Halberde, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Halberde

    Halberde Star Wrangler

    Hi there.

    Opening a .player file shows a mix of legible english, and a whole lot of annoying tokens. Notepad++ refers to them as things like NUL, SOH, DLE, FF, ENQ, EOT, STX, BEL, etc.

    Does anyone know the cause of these tokens, and what the point of them is?
    Additionally, (and most importantly) is it possible to open it with something that will render them in a functional way so that I can edit the file, adding things, removing things, changing things without ruining the file?

  2. MorpH

    MorpH Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well you could use a hex editor. The saves are in a specific file format and encoded. They wouldn't just put them in plain text, now would they?
  3. Halberde

    Halberde Star Wrangler

    Well, I'd sorta expect them to, seeing as the game is designed to be mod-able. One issue with the mods that add new recipies is that if you want a recipe to be part of a particular tier of items, and the player has already achieved that tier, it requires what should be unecessary additional modding to add the crafting recipe for the character. Otherwise, the player would need to create a new character to take advantage of the mod. Either it needs to be easy to mod a player save (and you can sorta do it anyway) or the way recipes are added needs to be altered so that it checks for changes in tier recipes.
  4. SethKipz

    SethKipz Aquatic Astronaut

    They should have. I really have no idea why they didn't.
  5. Halberde

    Halberde Star Wrangler

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  6. AureliusO

    AureliusO Aquatic Astronaut

    They do intend to change the format for save files. The codes you see in the file are the decoded pieces of data that happen to decode to control codes. This is also explained in the thread linked by Halberde. That thread would also contain a lot of info about the current files, if you are still interested.

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