Bug/Issue (solved) No music? No bueno! (Pixel 4XL)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bennettsville, May 2, 2020.

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    I recently upgraded from a Pixel 2XL to a brand new Pixel 4XL. The bgm isn't working on the new phone. No load screen or intro music, jukebox doesn't work, no cutscene music, and volume control does nothing to fix it.

    All other sounds are working fine. I tried starting a new file thinking it was my old save files or something but still no music.

    I went back and loaded the file back onto my old Pixel 2XL and the music works...is this something that could be cause by transferring game data from phone to phone?

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      Please don't stack posts on top of each other, especially after such a short time as this is considered spam. If you want to make additions to your previous post then edit it instead or wait for someone to reply. I merged your posts.
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        Sure thing, sorry about that... I'm such a newb.
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          I fixed this. When I download the files from Playstore I encounter an error that days it could not download all of the files because they already exist. I'm assuming because it was transferred from my last Pixel. Anyway the obb file was missing...just had to download it and move it to the right location.

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