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WIP Solaer

Discussion in 'Other' started by Fibriel Solaer, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Solaer collectively refers to all my mods for Starbound, at least the ones designed to go together. They will be available in a single pack and in pieces, because I know people will want to more easily mix and match pieces of it with other mods.

    I cannot guarantee compatibility or stability with individual mods while still designing Solaer itself. That's a later priority.

    (not released)​

    Contains all adjustments / additions to content as opposed to graphics, e.g. mechanics, recipe changes, and anything involving code. As this will be the largest change to Starbound excluding Wiirm's world generation adjustments, installing SolaerPrime will adjust Starbound's logo accordingly.

    Get it here!

    A character select window redrawn almost from scratch with room for 21 custom races and a prettier difficulty selection.


    (not released)​

    Contains all changes to pre-existing graphics (e.g. vanilla races.) After the vanilla races are done, I may (with permission) include graphics for other custom races. I will explicitly ask for permission from a race mod's owner before editing or replacing that mod's graphics.

    SolaerSalon also has nude items packed in to render head / chest / leg armor invisible, available both at character creation and at the Spinning Wheel (might change how to make them later.) These are also in SolaerPrime.


    Todo List:
    • Update vanilla race sprites
    • Update vanilla clothes to fit changes to sprites
    • Update vanilla other sprites (optional)
    • Update other custom mods' race sprites (optional)

    (not released)​

    Starbound's existing lore is found mostly in discovered items and item descriptions, and was written by a fascinated team. I am only one person. I am still going to go through and redo it, which is why SolaerLore is its own piece (since some of you might prefer the original lore.)

    SolaerLore also changes the tutorial to have unique flavor text for each species all the way to the first boss. I might also make the tutorial generally longer and better, but I don't consider that entirely necessary.

    The greatest change in SolaerLore will most likely be seen in the Florans, because I don't like them very much.



    • Human
    • Avian
    • Apex
    • Floran
    • Hylotl
    • Glitch
    • Wiirm (see below)

    (not released)​

    A dragon-based species. Lacking wings, they are basically land lizards where the Hylotl are water lizards.

    The Wiirm are a race of noble warriors who value their ideals of honor and chivalry above all else. They keep to themselves unless they see a horrid wrong they cannot abide, which may not be the same thing the other peoples consider 'wrong'. Their culture bears a mixture of Roman and Norse features. Wiirm are hostile to the Florans, considering them honorless barbarians or vicious monsters. They have a poor opinion of humans, who they see as incompetent deadbeats, and they are very friendly to non-Kluex Avians. Kluex Avians sacrifice unarmed prisoners, which is a big no-no to the Wiirm.

    Wiirm will have at least 10 "spike" hairstyles and 10 "hair" hairstyles in addition to bald. About five of each will be edited from vanilla hairs (but usually not identical) while the other five will be new to Wiirm.

    Their three color choices - Skin, Belly, Hair - can be just about any color in the rainbow, certainly a far greater range than is available to the vanilla races.

    Their name generation assembles faux-foreign language names piece-by-piece with a vaguely Latin feel.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Wiirm Todo:
    • Finish body sprites w/ tail (current)
    • Design tier weapons / armor(current)
    • Design starter clothes
    • Design ship
    • Design towns / dungeons + add to world generation
    • Add lore entries / examination text
    • Finalize name generation

    That's that for now!
    Thanks for reading! =D Leave some feedback!
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  2. Fibriel Solaer

    Fibriel Solaer Space Kumquat

    Sorry to bump my own topic but I've uploaded the first version of SolaerSelect, working for Enraged Koala. Links are in the OP, of course.

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