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Bug/Issue softlock bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by ErkErrrk96, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. ErkErrrk96

    ErkErrrk96 Intergalactic Tourist

    When i was playing a campaign mission early today, i had accidentally selected a unit when i was not supposed to. Because of this, the game had soft locked and i could not back out of the unit selection unless if i exit the game.

    This happened to me on the Switch version of the game.
    • Incredible Frown

      Incredible Frown Space Hobo

      happened to me as well; third map, attempted to move the archer while it was asking me to build a unit for the second time, and triggered the "don't do that, do the scripted thing instead" text box on both trying to confirm and cancel the move. restarting the game allowed me to start from the top of the turn and avoid the lock
      • Auramaster13

        Auramaster13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        which map was it exactly and what did you do, reproduction steps are the best way to fix these types of bugs.
        • ErkErrrk96

          ErkErrrk96 Intergalactic Tourist

          it was the same one incredible frown brought up i believe. Essentially, i was trying to skip blobs of text and accidentally selected a character during a tutorial so I was stuck with elmeric saying you have to press b on this unit even though i could not
          • Shubeans

            Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

            Sorry about this issue; you pesky people not following tutorial instructions :p

            This issue will be fixed on PC, Switch and Xbox on the next patch. For now all you need to do is close the game and re-open it, you'll be able to start right before your last move!
            Please note that there's one in mission 1.3 as well with the Knight!

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