So you think you know Stardew Valley's trick inside and out...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrobake, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Okay my mind is blown by all those shots of someone sneaking off to the "off-limits" parts of the map during festivals. How is this done??? Do you just have to try and squeeze out at certain spots? I've always wondered why some characters were in areas that were inaccessible to the player, or why there was foragable items in areas that can't be reached. I kinda wanna try these now. >.>
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      Do you mean Halloween? Because that's a matter of an illusory wall. Should be a thread explaining where you find it, and I think the Wiki does, as well.
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        No I know about the secret passage for the maze at Halloween, I have three golden pumpkins now. I'm talking about the ones that look almost like glitches, like your character got past those little walls that block you from going to other parts of the town during a festival. And now they're just wandering about freely, exploring where they aren't supposed to. (There was a comment earlier in this thread that linked to a page showing all the secret areas, that's what I'm referring to here.)
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          Yes, I knew most of these. The only two I didn't know about was number 13 but that's only because I play mainly vanilla with a bit of non-cheaty mods added and then number 16, did not know you could put furniture on top of chests but that's actually pretty neat! :D

          Also I know about two entrances to the lower part of the hidden woods, there's one more entrance right next to the main entrances, you have to go diagonal to get through.

          EDIT: Oh and I didn't know about the slingshot thing either, but I never use those anyway >.>
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            Another fact, did you know that if Weed grows near your objects it will destroy them?

            It will destroy Sprinklers, Scarecrows, Crops and I think also equipment, but it will not destroy Fences.

            So if you don't care about cutting weed like me, fences can be really useful.

            Did you know that moving because of a weapon hit won't trigger map transitions, so you can swing your sword until you go outside of the map and run around.
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              wait... what is that statue which gives you iridium ore in the first picture? :O
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                For console players (PS4): Holding the square button while hovering over the item of choice allows you to continuously buy items. I.e stacks of things very quickly.

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