So you think you know Stardew Valley's trick inside and out...

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  1. Tamorr

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    This is somewhat similar to that.
    Putting a path below fence on farm makes it actually last its' supposed length of time.

    I haven't had many breakdowns as many have due to this. Mostly I think others is the turn of season or growth wrecking the fences. Paths do somewhat hinder growth to a degree. Now having a fence on a path helps the longevity of them more in a sense; or well lessen the chances of it being due to growth and season change.

    Plus I find certain combinations quite pleasing aesthetically. :nuruhappy:
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    • Manning

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      True, but the extra value of a catfish doesn't matter so much by the time you have opened the secret wood. However earning 3000 gold on Day 3 of Spring 1 is a huge advantage.
      • NikkSword

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        Lots of cool tricks! I knew about a few, but not nearly enough!
        • guitardude_324

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          I found these out recently, maybe I'm just dumb but my mind was blown.
          -You can plant saplings outside of the farm.
          -You can tap the wild trees for resin, syrup and tar.
          -Hold your mouse (or A on Xbox controller) while holding bait to quickly empty and refill crab pots
          -Put crab pots in your ponds on the farm for easy garbage recycling (refined quartz, cloth, coal, iron, etc.) and fish (periwinkle, crayfish, snails) for recipes.
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          • Vampiresbane

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            You could add that you don't have to single click for using any of the tools (like the default watering can), you can just hold down left click and move your cursor. Saves ever so much time in Spring Year 1.
            Also hold down left click and walk up and down your rows for quick planting while holding your seed of choice. Further saves time if you're just mass planting a single crop.

            Oh and one more. If you not sure if you want to go foraging that day (or any other activity), you can walk around, do things, test out the timing, and then quit. Reload, and things will have spawned in the same spot, but now you know where they'll be. It's a bit gamey, but can help if your window of certain activities are really short that day. (Like you need to forage enough stuff to earn JUST enough to upgrade your watering can, but you also need to water ALL before 4pm before Clint calls it a day.)
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            • Wildroses

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              Something I saw in a Let's Play I had no idea of. Apparently you can put corn in the oil maker to make regular oil. I thought it only worked for truffles.
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              • yarenzohawk13

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                Here's something I discovered last night: using a pickaxe on tilled soil turns it back to normal soil! Are you building a path and have a lone piece of tilled earth in the way that refuses to leave? Just pickaxe it and continue on.
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                • SpaceClown

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                  I think a lot of us knew all of this
                  • Vampiresbane

                    Vampiresbane Poptop Tamer

                    I didn't know most of these tips. So thanks guys.
                    • mrobake

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                      Updated for more random tips (#13 - #16)
                      • Bonabopn

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                        Those out-of-bounds screenshots are interesting. Has anyone tried to get to the door off the southeast side of the farm? I've seen it myself, it's behind a tree so you can only see it in winter.
                        • SpaceClown

                          SpaceClown Star Wrangler

                          you need to add some of thr secrets with the boxes. Like the one in the bar that u can put mayo in and get a statue
                          • Aemi

                            Aemi Starship Captain

                            This door, I assume?


                            I admit, I never noticed it until you mentioned it!
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                            • wildwidow

                              wildwidow Void-Bound Voyager

                              I'm sorry if this was already been shared before. Apparently you could equip the master slingshot with an iridium ore.....

                              then it deals like 150-200 damage with AOE o_O
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                              • cankersaur

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                                Oh wow! Good eye! c:
                                • Aemi

                                  Aemi Starship Captain

                                  i only saw it because i was looking for it lol
                                  I went through 4 winters without seeing the silly thing simply because i had no idea it was there!
                                  • Borodin

                                    Borodin Oxygen Tank

                                    You're not at fault. It's truly very hard to find unless you 1) notice the somehow visible chamber to the south, and 2) start moving across the south wall looking for a secret passage to it.

                                    And let's face it, ConcernedApe has put so much stuff right before our eyes, it's very easy to overlook the hidden stuff he likes to drop in :D
                                    • B_Miller

                                      B_Miller Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      I'm a little slow on catching up on all of these wonderful threads. Where does this said door lead to?!
                                      • Aemi

                                        Aemi Starship Captain

                                        as far as i can tell, it doesnt even open. Its just sorta.... there?
                                        • Aemi

                                          Aemi Starship Captain

                                          In addition to this one
                                          "11. Putting any Flooring below Sprinkler or Scarecrow will keep them from being blown away during plowing? No more hassle at every new season, plow to your heart content! (To remove them, use pickaxe)"

                                          If you want to save a couple points of energy and you are looking to uproot both the sprinkler AND the flooring under it, use an axe instead of a pickaxe. it will pop them both at the same time and save you from having to swing twice to get them both!
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