So you think you know Stardew Valley's trick inside and out...

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    This goes on the list too, since you brought up fences in the hutch. I haven't tried this in my greenhouse, farm house or hutch, but it might work there too. Don't like the floor in your buildings? Purchased flooring don't work anywhere but in the farm house.. but paths appear to work anywhere! I turned my unused barn into a more weathered looking place using this trick.
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    • Kes

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      I actually tried doing number one when the game first came out and it wouldn't let me, so I'm glad to see that you can do it now! :D Some of the minerals are really quite pretty, imo. Didn't know the thing about torch-fences either, so thanks, OP!

      Suggestion: Add that you can plant fruit trees on the inside sides of the greenhouse. I didn't know about that until I saw a random picture somewhere.
      • mrobake

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        Speaking of flooring, you reminded me of another trick! Updating the thread

        You're welcome, glad to help! Unfortunately, no longer possible to plant fruit tree inside sides of greenhouse after updates 1.07, only in prior version.
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          Coffee speed buff is not applied after 12 PM
          • Maholix

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            Omg, so glad I reminded you. I dunno why this didn't occur to me! This tip will save me SO much time. I have something like 20 farm plots with sprinklers and almost as many scarecrows. Much thanks.
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            • Arqane

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              Buy +fish buff food early. The trout soup seems expensive in the first few days (it is). But it will improve your catches, pretty much paying itself off (or more if you can catch catfish). It makes the fishing a bit easier. And most importantly you get more experience for the better fish, leveling up faster. If you happen to find an all-day bubble spot on day 2, you can reach fishing level 4 or even 5 in a single day of fishing with the buff.

              If you can get better +fish food, even better. Until all your catches are gold, it's usually worth it. Do this a few times, and if you get a rainy day in the later half of the month, you can even catch Legend in your first year.
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                HOOOOHH MY GOD NUMBER 10



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                  In regards to #12, wasn't it patched so you can't get the winter root from the desert anymore?
                  • GARRthePIRATE

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                    4... why didnt I think of that?! :facepalm:
                    • mrobake

                      mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                      As far as I understand it, it was patch 1.06 which people expecting snow yam and winter root not to spawn in desert. Eventually CA didn't implement that. I have crosschecked the notes patch to confirm it in Wiki.
                      I made the screenshots from version 1.07, so I believe we are still okay to farm for now.
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                      • MagicallyClueless

                        MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                        ohhhh, ok. thanks for lettin me know because i wasn't sure about that :33
                        • Sutremaine

                          Sutremaine Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Yep yep yep, Trout Soup is great. I just did a little test with a file with no Fishing XP (but Level 4 Foraging). Results:

                          2444g starting money, bamboo rod
                          2989g at 9AM -- beach forage plus a couple of fish caught before Willy's shop opened.
                          3163g at 2.30PM -- bought a Trout Soup as soon as Willy's opened, went fishing until Trout Soup wore off.
                          2530g at 4.50PM -- bought two Trout Soups, sold catch of last couple of hours.
                          3248g next morning -- Trout Soup wore off at 12.10AM, but I hung on for a last bite. Probably worth it if you're planning on fishing the next day, since the energy you lose by going to bed late will be immediately replenished by your first soup of the day.

                          465g from beach forage
                          200g from seaweed
                          889g from fish

                          750g on soup

                          1 Trout Soup (didn't have time for the second one I bought)
                          2 fishing levels
                          1 Joja Cola
                          8 iron ore
                          5 coal
                          3 copper ore
                          3 frozen geodes
                          2 frozen tears
                          1 aquamarine
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                          • Tyken

                            Tyken Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            Soooo question. How much does trout soup actually help?
                            • Sutremaine

                              Sutremaine Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              Hmm, I'd have to do a couple more days' worth of fishing to figure that out. I didn't lose any fish on that one day I did, so if I don't lose any when not using Trout Soup then the only difference would be to the XP gained.
                              • Tyken

                                Tyken Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Well I suppose it depends on what +1 fishing does. If it increases your cast range, then that means higher treasure chance/rarer treasure and higher quality fish...if only by a small amount. Otherwise it just makes the bar slightly bigger and easier to "perfect catch" fish.
                                • Arqane

                                  Arqane Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Yes, it increases catch range. That's the main benefit, and the catch area is also better. You can find the formula on the wiki, but for a quick example, pulling up a plain sardine at L1 fishing without getting a perfect catch is worth 13xp. Getting a silver sardine with a perfect catch is worth 22xp. That's close to double. And the faster you get the early experience, the faster you level and make it worth even more and make it easier. Drawing that out, you'd reach L3 fishing while buffed after about 15 catches. Without a buff, it'll take 25-30 catches.

                                  Of course, it also requires you to get a good cast and do well with the fishing. But math aside, you'll probably level somewhere around 50% faster, it doesn't really cost anything overall, and it makes your life easier. I *think* fishing level (including buffs) also affects what treasures you get a bit. And if you use this trick early and are pretty good at the fishing, you can even start to reel in some catfish by day 3. In my last playthrough, I reached L5 on day 2, and pulled in about 7000g worth of fish on day 3... cha-ching :).
                                  • zoeevee

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                                    The bonus to fishing increases the size of your green bar so that helps.
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                                      I can't seem to be able to place swords on the table for some reason.
                                      • Manning

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                                        I didn't see this mentioned anywhere so...

                                        First spring + rain + river by Leah's house = catfish. Catfish are worth twice as much as the next most valuable fish (largemouth bass) available in spring, and seven times more than the anchovy. Plus the river is closer than the mountain lake, so you can fish longer.
                                        • jervl/kg

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                                          Catfish can be caught in the secret forest pond, in any season at any time of day, as long as it's raining.
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