So you think you know Stardew Valley's trick inside and out...

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    1. You can put items on top of table, including another table.
    Items on table.png

    2. Put fences inside Slime Hatchery.
    Fence on Slime Hatchery.png

    3. Hidden path inside hidden forest.
    Hidden Path on Hidden Forest.png

    4. Opening and closing barn and coop's door at night to keep them happy.
    Open and Close farm door.png

    5. Put torches on fences.
    Torch on Wall.png

    6. Ancient seed artifact is convertible into a ancient seed-seed
    Use artifact Ancient Seed into usable Ancient Seed.png

    7. Your refrigerator served as a chest, and any items stored in there will be treated as it is in your backpack, allowing them to be used as ingredients for dish.
    Refrigerator 1.png Refrigerator 2.png

    8. Calendar at home, purchase them from Robin.
    Calendar.png Calendar2.png

    9. Rather than building multiple silos, better put your hay in chest. 1 chest can store 999 x 12 x 3 = 35,946 hays. Take some out and put them into the hay box anytime your single silo is empty.
    Hay 1.png Hay 2.png

    10. You can put vegetables, ores, and even eggs on your master shooter seriouslywhostilluseitanyway.
    mastershooter1.png mastershooter2.png mastershooter3.png mastershooter4.png mastershooter5.png mastershooter6.png mastershooter7.png mastershooter8.png

    by unknown forces, I accidentally deleted part above so I got to rewrite them.
    11. Putting any Flooring below Sprinkler or Scarecrow will keep them from being blown away during plowing? No more hassle at every new season, plow to your heart content! (To remove them, use pickaxe)
    Plowing 1.png Plowing 2.png

    12. During winter, you can harvest lots of Winter Root and Snow Yam from any tillable land aside of those wriggling root/worm? Desert is the best place to farm these foods. Winter Root and Cave Carrot makes Roots Plater. It gives buff to Combat stats, as well as favorite food of Penny best waifu for laifu.
    Winter root.png Winter root1.png Winter root2.png

    NEW 21/05/2016
    13. Always wondering what the Wizard or Linus says at area you can't access during festivals?
    Apparently someone have compiled them all: Check this out. These one're my favorite:
    yoesob2.jpg yoesob2.jpg

    14. Holding clicking allows you to collect harvests/artisan goods, plant seeds, and purchasing items in quick succession the same as multiple normal clicking. No more carpel tunnel yay.

    15. Other unconventional method of bombing is to timber down trees (require 3 bomb explosions). Careful of your plants, floors, et cetera though. Animal however are immune.
    bomb.png bomb1.png bomb3.png bomb4.png

    16. You can put huge furniture on top of chest. Huge furniture are furniture (i.e. sofa, coffee table, shelf) that needs at least 2 or more space to put (therefore chair, house plant, lamp, are not). Simply adjust the space where you would put the furniture, and work out the extra spacing on top of the chest.
    chest.png chest2.png chest3.png chest4.png chest5.png chest6.png

    I will keep updating if I find or just have remembered something new.
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    • Ambaaargh

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      Yooooooooooooo....I'm more curious how you got black slimes there! 8U
      *is the worst at slime breeding apparently*
      • mrobake

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        Apparently I got visited by the Wizard's wife at one night. Didn't stop for coffee or anything, just flying on her broom on top of my Slime building. She waved her magic stick and that happens.

        Nice fella, although she really need to change the way she laugh tho.
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        • MagicallyClueless

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          I knew 3-6, but the first twO ARE LIKE BRUH WHA T NICE

          It actually took me forever to realize the secret path in the forest. Everyone was like, "you can get 12 hardwood" and i'm just... ??????

          Of course, I discovered it when I didn't need hardwood anymore OTL
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          • lordofdragonss

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            Ok I didn't now about first one!
            • lilly_ampleton

              lilly_ampleton Void-Bound Voyager

              Yes, now I know what to do with my boring-as-hell-fences. I´ll set them all on fire. Hopefully not literally though.:nurutease:
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              • KayokoSalsa

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                I knew 2 - 6, but didn't know about 1. Interesting.
                • zoeevee

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                  Yes but this is a helpful spot for all the tips! Thanks for making it.
                  • meatpardle

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                    Yeah you can pick up these sort of things on the reddit. My house is filled with side tables so I can put down all my beers.
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                    • SmaugBaggins

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                      I did not actually know many of these and i never have been on reddit cool thanks for showing me @mrobake
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                      • meatpardle

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                        I've yet to find a way to remove the lights from the fence posts and keep them. If they're on the floor and you hit them with a pickaxe they go back in your inventory, but if you hit them while on a fence post they disappear altogether.
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                        • zoeevee

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                          That sucks but just recycle a bunch of newspaper and you'll get a bunch more
                          • Haebaragi

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                            Nifty! I knew all of them and are looking forward to more X3

                            Let me tell you, I didn't discover number 3 until the day after the patch for the zoom-out option came out and I was like YO MORE HARDWOOD.
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                            • Ghostly Fox

                              Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                              I actually found the paths to the extra stumps by accident. Looked away with my hands on the keyboard, looked back and my character was in the hidden part. Getting out took a bit longer.

                              I don't understand the meaning of number seven, can someone explain?

                              Also, not sure if this counts, but the Adventurer's Guild sells progressively stronger weapons as you get deeper in the mines.
                              • Ambaaargh

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                                Basically for number seven, any of the items you put in your fridge can be used for the recipe counter so you in theory don't have to hold onto every ingredient yourself when cooking.
                                Like for me, I put my eggs and milk and the ingredients I get from Pierre (rice/vinager/etc) and a few other things in so anytime I go to the recipe counter there is something I can in theory make.

                                One of my plays I'm courting Alex so my fridge has a lot of salmon/amaranth/kale in it to make salmon dinners on the fly.
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                                • Voyager

                                  Voyager Spaceman Spiff

                                  Gee, I knew about all of these things...
                                  A lot of them just make logical sense.
                                  But did you know you could put 999 bait on a hook so you don't have to keep putting bait on between casts?
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                                  • RoastedCoconutz

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                                    There's actually TWO hidden paths! I only just discovered the second yesterday. (Sorry about the giant picture.)[​IMG]
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                                    • Tyken

                                      Tyken Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Coffee's speed buff stacks with other food buffs.

                                      Stumped trees still drop seeds into the groud, which can be dug up for field snacks. Which are a great early-game source of energy.

                                      Breaking rocks with bombs does give you mining experience but i'm unsure if the type of rock matters.

                                      "Artisan" after "Tiller" in farming, is the best trait to have, regardless of what playstyle you have, as it applies to -all- artisan goods.

                                      There are fishing "Gold spots" (Check the wiki) that will pretty much always give gold quality fish.

                                      Fishing is -amazing- early game. If you get lucky with treasure chests, it could give you a massive early advantage. However, farming quickly out paces fishing, mid to late game.

                                      Many villagers give you new recipes once you befried them.

                                      "Wild Seeds" give foraging exp when harvesting, not farming.

                                      Untill Summer 3, when the spa opens, Energy is worth far more than Time. Afterwards, it shifts to Time > Energy.

                                      If you're a completionist, Geologist/Excavator help with minerals and Fisher/Pirate help with artifacts.

                                      For skills, the "Rancher", "Forester", and "Scout" trees are "ok" at best.
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                                      • mrobake

                                        mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                                        Update it with some useful/useless facts.
                                        • Bushdoctor

                                          Bushdoctor Space Hobo

                                          Right-clicking a stack, while holding Shift, moves or picks up half the stack.

                                          (Not sure if this is mentioned somewhere as I found it out by accident).
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