Gameplay So I deciphered the vaults ancient writing after i got the ancient alphabet and here's what it says

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Clubz, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Clubz

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    We advaced as we were designed. We reached the Great Kind One.

    It warned us of the Final Plague, the threat to all that thrive.

    The Great One had a plan, a Door of Keys for the Chosen.

    But we were Builders, not Heroes. In the event that the plan failed,

    we carved the Infinite Sanctuary, to salvage what little life we could.

    We are destined to not remain, as is the Great One.

    Its legacy will be its remnants, and ours shall be our temples.
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  2. The Squid

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    Is that the order in which you deciphered them or are they meant to be read a certain way? Just wondering bc if there's something we're supposed to take away from these messages I'm not getting it lol
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  3. WyvernWarrior223

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  4. Clubz

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    thanks i actually didnt know there was more to it
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  5. Clubz

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    the link WyvernWarrior223 sent has more to it I didnt know about if you want to read it in the right order
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