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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Fashion Mage, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Fashion Mage

    Fashion Mage Space Hobo

    I heard that magic won't be included because it's not scientific enough for this game... call it psionics, ta-da~. Problem solved. Bring in the magic psionics now please.
    In addition, if "fire magic" (for example) is shot out of a flamethrower, it would kind of ruin the aesthetic for me, personally. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way
  2. Necrius

    Necrius Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    No magic. Period.
  3. All_I_Do_Is_Dig

    All_I_Do_Is_Dig Lucky Number 13

    Sci fi + Magic = Just no.

    Sorry, I just don't think it will fit in. :rolleyes:
  4. Alternal

    Alternal Existential Complex

    See I think there's ways to have the same kinda effects, but without a need for magic.
    Kinda like what you said, implants of various types. So bionic and psyionic ones, and iron man style for shooting out fire balls: Palm-implanted Thrusters.

    There's a huge array of ways to do this so I'm sure we'll see some cool things. Although I'd be down for some really powerful things like control over wind, water, earth, fire, light, shadow, and everything else. Even with these there could easily be implants or gloves to control and use.
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  5. seklay

    seklay Starship Captain

    RIP good old Fireballs
  6. Dr scoobie

    Dr scoobie Giant Laser Beams

    Fireball shooting gun?

    perhaps icicle shooting guns or
    weapons that shoot arcs of electricity e.c.t

    when technology is exceptionally advanced, to the uniformed it looks like magic.
    go back 10,000 years and amaze them as you miraculousy kill them by pointing at them
    (with a gun hidden in your sleeve)
  7. Alternal

    Alternal Existential Complex

    Very very true. Technology that looks like magic would be awesome in my opinion. :rainbow:
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  8. It doesn't find it in, really. Though things have their Sci-Fi counterparts in Starbound, I.E., Battery Power replaces Mana.
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  9. SelfAwareChimp

    SelfAwareChimp Industrial Terraformer

    No. Play Terraria if you want magic.
  10. Baldren

    Baldren Void-Bound Voyager

    Technology is magic!
  11. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
    ~Arthur C. Clarke
  12. Bombzero

    Bombzero Giant Laser Beams

    Please don't misquote that and add fuel to the fire that that quote validates putting "Weapons that imitate traditional magic" in Starbound.

    Clarke meant that to older cultures, modern technology would appear as magic, not that it would look like their societies conceptions of magic.
  13. There's really no difference -- a wooden stick that shoots fireballs is the same as a plastic wood stick that shoots fireballs.
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  14. Bombzero

    Bombzero Giant Laser Beams

    Missing the point a bit.

    What I am implying is that using it as a justification for including traditional magic underneath an alternative name is really damn stupid.
    Personally, I'd like to hope there's still some originality in the world and that Starbound can actually be unique in this aspect instead of piling in the tropes developed before most of us were alive.
  15. GalacticRooster

    GalacticRooster Big Damn Hero


    C'mon guys, there's no such thing as magic. Just science. Just scientific wands that shoot deadly hope at people.
  16. I see. But there's the issue of "Why is magic necessary in a science fiction game?"

    What does it add that isn't there with technology?
  17. TTCBuilder

    TTCBuilder Jackpot!

    I think it's quite obvious where magic ends and science begins.
    Is magic actually able to be explained? No.
    Is science able to be explained? A little.

    Edit: @nababoo it doesn't, science has everything except supreme power over everything with the mind,
    which breaks sci-fi games.
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  18. That's the only real difference, besides use in culture.
  19. Alternal

    Alternal Existential Complex

    I heavily approve this reference and logic.
  20. TheWalrusLivesInMe

    TheWalrusLivesInMe Void-Bound Voyager

    But what if they pushed the idea that magic is just really advanced science?
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