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    @endermaryn Your farm looks wonderful! I'm really happy you like the map. Out of curiosity - are you using an old version of the game to avoid the crops bug?

    @mushfae The lid location seems to be coded externally and can't be changed with a map editor like tIDE. If you're going for a purely cosmetic approach - you could cut and paste the lid graphic from cursors.xnb to the map tilesheets. This would render the shipping crate unusuable at the new location, but would allow you to place the lid and top half of the crate as a single tile with tIDE. I haven't kept up with modding since I discontinued SmoothFarm so it's possible that editing the code to move the shipping container is now doable - but I'm not aware of any way to do so yet.

    @XxhexerxX From what I can tell the pet isn't coded to spawn where the bowl is. The empty bowl seems to be a cosmetic tile. After moving or deleting the empty bowl, the spouse will spawn a watered bowl in the old location.
    • endermaryn

      endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      My game is updated to the current version of 1.07. If there is a crop bug involved with the map you made me, maybe I managed to avoid it by installing the map and using it with a game save that was created before the recent patch was released. Or maybe it's because I own the game on GOG. I could make a new game and test things out. I would be looking for problems involved with not being able to walk over the crops, correct?

      EDIT: I made a new game and planted some of each of the spring crops I had access to. I left them all alone and did not harvest any of them. I walked all over the crops each day for thirteen days until the cauliflower was harvestable. Then I harvested all the flowers and vegetables at the same time. And at no time did I encounter any sort of crop bug.

      Maybe this map is just that awesome! :headbanging:
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      • Jinxiewinxie

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        Here is a SMAPI mod I made that removes the shipping bin and lets you pick a new x and y value for where a new shipping bin menu should go. It doesn't change anything else on the map, so the grass under the old shipping bin might look ugly if you aren't using an edited farm.xnb already.

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        • Cardinite

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          You're on a roll Jinx, well done!
          • skaname

            skaname Orbital Explorer

            I would just like to know if/how there is an easy and simple way to unf*ck those annoying little stones ( not my screenshot) that prevent you from building next to the green house. I would really like to place my coop in front of the cave with the door on one of those "screw you" stone tiles in the ground that you can't clear. I've been doing research on forums and it doesn't seem like anyone thinks those "screw you" stones have any purposes (e.g. making sure those tiles stay open for character pathing in a cinematic later in the game) and even then, you can still place trees next to the greenhouse sooo... anyway, I'd thought I'd ask here if anyone knew of a simple mod that basically does exactly this: stops the "screw you" stones from preventing to build there? If not, my current plan is to clone the stone tile and simply make it behave like a normal tile (tillable, buildable, etc.) or just strait up replace the tile because I'll be building over it anyway. Thoughts?
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            Or is this dumb, and I should just get around the problem with save file editing?
            • Zenzevil

              Zenzevil Intergalactic Tourist

              A question regarding the SmoothFarm Lite, are the bushes unremovable in old save files? And also, can you remove the smaller pond in SmoothFarm Lite?
              • MagikClay

                MagikClay Aquatic Astronaut

                Hi i just recently began modifying my game myself about a month ago, mostly only messing with appearances, but when i unpacked the xnb for your mods i noticed there was no png to edit so i was wondering if you could do a download for just tiles in front of shrine and greenhouse to be removed or explain/link me to how to edit it myself thank you very much and nice edits.
                • Ghostly Fox

                  Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                  If you mean editing what tile shows up where, or what properties said tiles have (like "Diggable") on the farm map, you have to use the map editor- I think it is called tIDE? You'd need to open the maps in that, and edit them, then repack it.
                  • MagikClay

                    MagikClay Aquatic Astronaut

                    Thank you very much Ghostly Fox I can now edit almost anything in Stardew Valley although my aim is to keep this as "vanilla" as possible! :)
                    • kerrschtein

                      kerrschtein Void-Bound Voyager

                      hey! i just bought stardew valley, love the lite version of the map- but i'd really like the lake from the vanilla map (the one mid bottom of the map, by the path to the forest) to be replaced with the custom lake from the oasis version, and i'm not proficient enough with the tools to do it myself. i know requests are closed and it's been forever since the original creator has been on, but if anyone could give me some tips on how to do it, or help me out, i'd super appreciate it!

                      edit: I also can't seem to place a silo or anything on the grass, and so I can't put my stable the way most people do anymore :(
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