NPC Smarter Tenant Guards

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    I think that it would be a great idea if you made it possible for the guards to tell where they should actually guard. A good alternative to just walking around until they fight something and then need to sleep or something. (My Guards won't guard right) They would need to first have access to nearby area data about where monsters could spawn (even air) to know where to guard. Then they need to know where they do not need to guard by having access to certain data (areas that are monster free or non-monster-spawning areas). Then of course will still have the option of traversing either when needed. And I think that NPC guards, at least, should have the ability to hear cries for help with a tag on the first set of chat bubbles about the same attack. Oh, and they also need to know the areas where others are guarding. So they do not go there until needed or, depending on the largest area to guard, choose that area if there are no others available to guard by his or her (or its) self. Thanks for considering.
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