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  1. taintedwheat

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    Glad to hear it!~ Happy farming!
    • Hitgirl911

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      Hello everyone!

      Since taintedwheat gave me her blessing <3, I'm going to post my version of the cellar here along with the recolored cellar door. I'm using the []Farmer's Home[] mod.

      I overhauled the entire cellar to originally fit my needs and plans for more space, future rp purposes, and somewhere to put my bar and machines.

      On the outside:

      House and Cellar.PNG

      On the Inside:


      The highlight of my edit is my bar <3


      Bar and kitchen:

      The stove is functional.

      bar and kitchen.PNG

      Library and Dinning area:

      library and dining.PNG

      Living Area with beds:

      Living Area.PNG

      Storage Area:

      Storage Area.PNG

      The bar uses a custom tile sheet so anyone who wants to use my version will have to download the tile sheet.

      So that's pretty much it for my edit :)

      1. Download the zip and if you are transitioning from the original version. Please remove any plants that you may have planted or at least harvest them.
      2. In the content folder of the zip is the HGtiles.xnb this is the bar's tile sheet. Put this in the Stardew Valley > Content folder. (Or just copy the folder into your stardew valley folder.)
      3. In the taintedcellar folder of the downloaded zip, you will see the TaintedCellarMap.xnb and the Zpaths_objects_cellar.xnb.
        Note: If you just want the cellar simply get the TaintedCellarMap.xnb.
        Note: If you want your door recolored then get the Zpaths_objects_cellar.xnb, or download the png below if you want to extract the xnb.

      That's pretty much all for my edit :)

      Also I would like to say that this is really an awesome mod and is one of my favorites <3

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      • cristian43

        cristian43 Master Chief

        this is not really related to the mod but, who is the girl with pink hair next to the crystal in front of the door?
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        • Entoarox

          Entoarox Oxygen Tank

          A placeable.
          • HiHaHi123

            HiHaHi123 Orbital Explorer

            Awesome!Thank you!
            • Coolwyngs

              Coolwyngs Existential Complex

              Will you update this to the new version.
              • Davrial

                Davrial Big Damn Hero

                I doubt they will since the vanilla game has a cellar now
                • Ainzoal

                  Ainzoal Pangalactic Porcupine

                  If they don't, I am sure someone will make a "bigger cellar" mod anyway
                  • Coolwyngs

                    Coolwyngs Existential Complex

                    Then will you make a version of this mod as a cellar then I miss it. It is so cute.
                    • SKKN

                      SKKN Big Damn Hero

                      I love this addon as well. Maybe OP can change the cellar name into basement or something just so that it wont overlap with the 1.1 cellar. Hope we get some updates on this soon. :D
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                      • Minakie

                        Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                        Bunkbeds, nice! :up:

                        I am already using such a mod. It matters not. I still want this cellar mod. For me, they are completely different mods. I'm not using this mod just for the extra space, I'm using it for all the lovely furniture. Taintedwheat and Jinxiewinxie make some of the prettiest mods I've ever seen. I'm a fan of their work and it would make me happy to still have this cellar version in my game, regardless of the new 1.1 cellar.

                        :cry: Especially since am I now playing on a different farm layout and Wonderful Farm Life is no longer compatible. :cry: I can live without the other stuff in there, but backyard feels so empty without the barbecue area, the dog house and the custom shipping bin! :cry: That's the feature I'm missing the most, 'cause it's the first area I see when I leave the house in the morning and the last area I see when I go to bed at night. :cry:

                        Agreed! Let's just open a new thread and rename it into "Underground Basement". No one will ever know... :ninja:
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                        • SheepR

                          SheepR Space Hobo

                          Great mod, I love your stuff so cute and innovative, but I'm having trouble with this mod it crashes when i go outside. I have moved the mod properly into the mod directory in my Stardew Valley folder, but it crashes and I get this error "Non-standard house upgrade level 3" I don't know what causing this conflict, maybe I shouldn't have upgraded my house to get the vanilla basement. could you help me please.
                          • Davrial

                            Davrial Big Damn Hero

                            That is entirely because you got the basement upgrade. They are quite clearly incompatible, I don't know why you went and did that. You're going to have to just remove the mod until TaintedWheat makes a version that modifies the existing vanilla basement
                            • SheepR

                              SheepR Space Hobo

                              well thanks anyway, hmmmm is there a way to modify my save file or a tweak to get rid of the vanilla basement?
                              • Davrial

                                Davrial Big Damn Hero

                                Not unless you have a backup save from before you had it installed. The game's coding is too complicated to find something like that in the save data, let alone modify it.
                                • dollbae

                                  dollbae Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Omgggg, have you thought of making the other buildings to match your recolors? I really love them <3
                                  • JOHNKRELL007

                                    JOHNKRELL007 Void-Bound Voyager

                                    @Davrial HE doesn't even need any upgrades for it to crash, walking outside with only this on a new save crashs.
                                    • taintedwheat

                                      taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                      ive been away.

                                      school. a lot of it.
                                      still school.

                                      anyway, my programming friend is going to help me update this cellar for 1.1.
                                      wait for an update soon.

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                                      • Coolwyngs

                                        Coolwyngs Existential Complex

                                        wonderful thanks
                                        • foghorn

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                                          Ghosts! Ghosts of M.I.A. members! Praise Yoba! :notworthy:
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