RELEASED [SMAPI] The Harp of Yoba on Nexus

Adds a Harp to the game

  1. the_grim_gamer

    the_grim_gamer Big Damn Hero

    So I recently started using this mod and I'm totally in love with it but it doesn't really seem balanced in it's current state what with being able to water the whole field, get a full HP/Energy restore or extra hearts and a myriad of other bonuses every day. Is it possible to take a SMAPI mod like this one and edit it for personal use(in my case I want to put more limts on the songs so I don't have to feel the urge to minmax with them) and if so how would I get started with that?
    • woodpest

      woodpest Void-Bound Voyager

      I think I have a bug that's related to this mod: when I got the song which lets the trees grow and used it, my fruit trees stopped producing fruits. Has anyone a clue how to fix this?
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      • farmerjack

        farmerjack Void-Bound Voyager

        Looks like the newest version of PyTK might have broken this, SMAPI is reporting a divide by zero error at .get and .draw methods for the FarmerSprite, FarmerRenderer, and Farmer classes.

        Additionally, I'm also experiencing the same issue that @woodpest above is (or was, rather, while the harp was still operational): after playing "Prelude to Yoba," custom fruit trees added by JSON Assets no longer produce fruit.
        • Tymon

          Tymon Cosmic Narwhal

          There's no looks like about it. it definitely is the newest PyTK that broke it. After downgrading to 7.0 from 7.2 it works fine.
          • Kevin2899

            Kevin2899 Space Hobo

            I think you need to play in 5 different days
            • Kevin2899

              Kevin2899 Space Hobo

              Fisherman's lament letter doesn't come. well technically it does but when u click the mail box the indicator disappears without opening the mail

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