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    Already posted in Stardew Valley Expansion too. :) Thank you for looking at the log though.
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      After update the version stardew valley 1.2.29, the mods are worked at the first time when i started the game.
      And the next day, mods are not worked!
      I think this version of smapi needs to update. :(
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        Does this happen every time you go to bed, or only sometimes? Can you attach your latest SMAPI log after it happens?
        • Soulofthefarmer

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          Every times, this happened. For using mods, i have to restart the game when the day is saved at the first time :(
          All of my mods which i installed are worked without any problem before i go to bed haha..
          But unfortunately, in the log, theres is any message about this error.

          OS : Mac sierra
          Game version : 1.2.29
          SMAPI : 1.11

          Since i used smapi for 3 weeks, it worked really good except "Get dressed"(i have the same issue like other mac users). But after the update to Stardew valley 1.2.29, it's a little bit odd.. All of my mods are working usefully when i turn on the game, and since the next day, those aren't working. i dunno why is that occured and why are those errors are not appeared in the log.

          + After 2nd day, the terminal is just stop creating the logs.

          Last login: Wed May 3 04:56:20 on ttys000

          gimboyeong-ui-MacBook-Air:~ gimboyeong$ /Users/gimboyeong/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew\ Valley/Contents/MacOS/StardewModdingAPI.bin.osx ; exit;

          [05:38:53 INFO SMAPI] SMAPI 1.11 with Stardew Valley 1.2.29 on Unix

          [05:38:53 DEBUG SMAPI] Mods go here: /Users/gimboyeong/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS/Mods

          [05:38:53 DEBUG SMAPI] Preparing SMAPI...

          [05:38:54 DEBUG SMAPI] Starting game...

          Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 413150

          Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198258020600 [API loaded no]

          [05:39:07 DEBUG SMAPI] Detecting common issues...

          [05:39:07 DEBUG SMAPI] Loading mods...

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded AutomatedDoors by , v1.1.1 |

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Fishing Mod by Zoryn, v1.6 | Lets you change some things about fishing based on a config file.

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Gate Opener by , v1.3 | Opens and closes gates based on their proximity to you.

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Luck Skill by , v0.1.4 | Adds ways of getting the vanilla luck skill.

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded NPC Map Locations Mod by Bouhm, v1.4.6 | Shows NPC locations on the map

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded SkullCavernElevator by lestoph, v1.1.1 | Elevator for the Skull Cavern

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Trainer Mod by SMAPI, v1.9 | Adds SMAPI console commands that let you manipulate the game.

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Loaded VariableGrass by , v0.1.3 | Variable Grass

          [05:39:08 WARN SMAPI] AutomatedDoors used the Config class, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.0. This will break in a future version of SMAPI.

          [05:39:08 DEBUG Fishing Mod] Initialized (press F5 to reload config)

          [05:39:08 DEBUG SMAPI] Loaded 8 mods.

          [05:39:08 WARN SMAPI] AutomatedDoors used Mod.Entry(object[]) instead of Mod.Entry(IModHelper), which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.0. This will break in a future version of SMAPI.

          [05:39:08 INFO Luck Skill] Experience Bars not found

          [05:39:08 DEBUG SMAPI] Starting console...

          [05:39:08 INFO SMAPI] Type 'help' for help, or 'help <cmd>' for a command's usage

          [05:39:08 INFO Luck Skill] All Professions not found.

          [06:04:29 WARN SMAPI] Luck Skill used TimeEvents.OnNewDay, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.6. This will break in a future version of SMAPI.

          • Soulofthefarmer

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            + Before i used the SMAPI 1.11 with stardew valley 1.2.28?
            All of my mods is worked good :(
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              So, I just tried to run SDV with SMAPI1.11 and this happened

              Screenshot 2017-05-03 12.47.43.png

              It worked fine just moments before, with smapi 1.10; I'd exited the game partly because i remembered i hadn't installed the smapi update yet and partly because of a seperate issue; this screenshot was immediately after installing smapi 1.11. No other changes, and nothing in the console or error log to indicate the cause of the problem.

              EDIT: Interesting. Rolling back Entoarox Framework to 1.7.4 (from 1.7.9) corrected it. Seems to be the combination of SMAPI 1.11 and framework 1.7.6+ that's responsible

              Disregard. Deleting the Entoarox framework config file and allowing framework 1.7.9 to re-generate it corrected the issue.
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              • Pathoschild

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                Thanks for reporting the issue. It's fixed in the upcoming SMAPI 1.12, which I'll release ahead of schedule tomorrow. (This only affects players on Linux and Mac due to a bug in that version of the game.)
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                • nirasa1957

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                  Yes, I have the same mistake... :-(
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                    All mods already on their latest version last time (except longevity which now i have just upgraded from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2).
                    I Try a new game without mod that simply replace file except longevity's MCM, this time the problem happens when i change window mode, change dress with getdressed or go to another location (same thing happen when I load save with Stardew Valley.exe but it crashed instead) not when I load save file.
                    Even after I do a complete back up and load every previous mod except anything from longevity, the same problem still happens.
                    That mods list works fine in Stardew Valley 1.1 + 7< mods that replaced xnb file plus Entoarox framework and Advanced location loader and 3 submods (The "+" and "plus" mods i just delete in 1.2 because that problem).
                    Getdressed, Better Sprinkler, Chestlabel System i get from you at this place

                    Edit: I notice that @Koihime Nakamura also have same Smapi Error with different cause in page 84.

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                      thank you so much for looking into all of our problems @Pathoschild! i appreciate it so much :)
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                        @DietCrow Does the "Cannot access a disposed object" error happen if you run the game with no mods installed? If not, try reinstalling each mod one at a time until the problem comes back to find the mod that's causing it.
                        • Pathoschild

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                          SMAPI 1.12 is now available for Linux, Mac, and Windows!

                          Changes in this version:
                          • For players:
                            • The installer now lets you choose the install path if you have multiple copies of the game, instead of using the first path found.
                            • Fixed mod draw errors breaking the game.
                            • Fixed mods on Linux/Mac no longer working after the game saves.
                            • Fixed libgdiplus DLL-not-found errors on Linux/Mac when mods read PNG files.
                            • Adopted pufferchick.
                          • For mod developers:
                            • Unknown mod manifest fields are now stored in IManifest::ExtraFields.
                            • The content API now defaults to ContentSource.ModFolder.
                            • Fixed content API error when loading a PNG during early game init (e.g. in mod's Entry).
                            • Fixed content API error when loading an XNB from the mod folder on Mac.
                          As always, feel free to post bugs/suggestions/comments in this thread. :)
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                          • DietCrow

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                            Oh yeah, I found it, it's because of the better sprinkler mod (already upgraded with
                            Download a whole new stardew valley 1.2.28 and update smapi 1.2 to test, despite the fact that there is still a problem, this time the problem starts when I change window mode and after that exit tab a lot (not just change window mode) or randomly when changing dress so smapi 1.2 has some progress.
                            That thing also corrupted my save file once i ever save a game with it and I kinda unexpected so it passes my previous check.
                            Much appreciated for your help but look like no room for bettersprinkler this time and i can re-download Extoarox and it's submod (BetterSprinkler bug cause Smapi report Entoarox bug).
                            Edit: No problem found with no mods installed.
                            Edit2: Still have problems even with only BetterSprinkler and Trainermod.

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                            • DietCrow

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                              After another 4 days in stardew valley, that bug happen again even without bettersprinklers, with the same cause...
                              • Pathoschild

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                                @DietCrow: based on some testing with another user, the ObjectDisposedException errors seem to be a bug in the game itself. We'll need to wait for the game developers to patch it.
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                                    Sorry, I don't know English. Online translator.
                                    SMAPI working on the laptop. Not working on my computer. Please help.

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