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  1. hoetorii12345

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    ah i understand, i have the iconic "victorian farm" look so ill go through and see if any of them have a update, thanks!
    • hoetorii12345

      hoetorii12345 Aquatic Astronaut

      so i did it manually and downloaded the cp vers. of this mod and still nothing, thanks for the help guys, it really means alot! if you need any images of the mods i have now or anything feel free to ask!
      • Mew101

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        My game crashes every time I attempt to sleep, I hadn't added any mods or changed any settings since the last time I slept in the game and everything was fine, any help would be greatly appreciated
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          Looking at both of your error files, they seem to be the exact same error. Given the fact that you're both on different game versions (1.3.32 vs 33), its unlikely a base game issue.

          I'll leave this to Pathos and/or others to figure out, but I will say that the following mods are the only one's overlapping between you two, making one the likely cause:

          SMAPI 2.1.10 itself
          Better Ranching
          CJB Cheats Menu
          CJB Item Spawner
          Lookip Anything
          NPC Map Locations (One of you is on 2.3, the other 2.3.1)
          Save Backup
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            @maeru_maeru The game is trying to load a "Mae486645_171902740 - Copy" save folder. Try removing the " - Copy" part, the folder name needs to match exactly.

            @Skuldi @Mew101 That usually happens when you have a custom farmhouse interior and upgrade the farmhouse. You can remove any custom farmhouse maps (including XNB mods), play a day to get past the upgrade, then put them back. If it still happens, try resetting your content files too.
            • maeru_maeru

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              That did the trick- thank you so much!
              • Pathoschild

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              • Pathoschild

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                SMAPI 2.11 beta is now available! For the Stardew Valley 1.3.35+ beta branch only.

                This mainly adds support for Stardew Valley 1.3.35-beta, improves save backup, fixes bugs, and makes changes for modders. See the release page for more info.
                • crzyjoker

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                  Hello everyone, if anyone could help me, my modded game keeps crashing in multiplayer. I was playing with my girlfriend, who was the main player.

                  I ended up passing out inside the main house (her's) and then I was teleported to my cabin before the game screen went to that screen that overhauls all of the earnings for that day. After that, we tried continuing playing but my screen wouldn't load, only her screen. She could see my character and try to interact with him but I was still stuck at loading.

                  I closed the game and told her to try again, but I can never get past the loading screen even though her game starts running in real-time because it thinks I was able to log in.

                  We tried going back to the save file of the previous day, but it was still stuck at loading screen. Eventually it led to a crash, here's the log file:


                  We have the same mods installed.

                  Thanks in advance!
                  • Pathoschild

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                    @crzyjoker Try updating your mods to the latest versions (see the purple update alerts in that log). Especially MTN, since the version you have breaks SMAPI's multiplayer API.
                    • SkylerYapper856

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                      I am having trouble installing SMAPI.
                      • Pathoschild

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                      • hubsforhanzo

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                        Hello everybody! I'm having some trouble launching my game. It worked fine before, but I updated and now the game crashes every time I try to open it! The window of the game shows up and I can hear the title music, but the screen is purple and flashes, and then the game quits. I don't really know why. If anybody could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

                        Here is my log file:

                        Thank you!
                        • Moragaine

                          Moragaine Existential Complex

                          @hubsforhanzo Your game version is 1.3.35, which in the new beta branch, you need to update to Smapi 2.11-beta and see if that fixes it.
                          • SkylerYapper856

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                          • SkylerYapper856

                            SkylerYapper856 Space Spelunker

                          • SkylerYapper856

                            SkylerYapper856 Space Spelunker

                          • Pathoschild

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                            • When you download SMAPI, if given the option make sure you choose save file instead of run, open, or similar.
                            • Make sure you extract the downloaded zip, and run the installer from the new folder that creates.
                            • Try repairing .NET Framework and see if it still happens.
                            • If all else fails, you can try a manual install (see the README in the download).
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                              My cursor doesn't appear when I boot up the game and when I click my save file the games just closes.

                     Das my log

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